The first day of work, "epidemic prevention" and "production" double guarantee



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Resuming work and production, safety first

Before resuming work, AVIC Elevator did a lot of preparatory work, promptly stocked temperature measuring guns, medicines, disinfectants, masks and other protective materials, and took preventive and control measures in advance.

On February 24, the first day of the resumption of work, gold control group company party committee members, deputy general manager, the group epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production leading group deputy leader Zhang Xianmin led a team to the company to inspect and guide the epidemic prevention and control, resumption of production and production safety and other work. He stressed that promoting the resumption of work and production, doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control is a prerequisite, and ensuring safe production is the bottom line. AVIC should strictly implement the prevention and control system, layer the compaction of the main responsibility, and orderly promote the resumption of work and production.

Resuming "Detail One"

Body temperature measurement: in the morning, the company will set up a temperature measuring point at the main guard, assign special personnel to measure the body temperature for the employees on duty, and keep a record on the daily temperature monitoring report; Diversion and guidance shall be carried out for incoming and outgoing vehicles to ensure that there is no omission in temperature measurement and registration. After measurement, the temperature can be entered without abnormality. If it is found that the employee has symptoms such as body temperature exceeding 37.2 degrees, dry cough, fatigue, and gradual dyspnea, immediately arrange for medical treatment. On the day of resumption of work, all employees on duty had no abnormal body temperature.

Resume "Detail II"

Meals: In accordance with epidemic prevention requirements, the company has formulated detailed canteen management specifications, stipulating that employees eat at the wrong peak time to reduce food hygiene risks and health risks of canteen staff; require employees to eat at their own table and keep a certain distance apart during meals; it is forbidden to talk during meals, and wear masks immediately after meals.

Resume "Detail Three"

Disinfection in public areas: the facilities and equipment in public places and personnel gathering places in the factory area shall be sterilized and epidemic prevention shall be carried out every day. Commuter vehicles are disinfected twice a day, and public parts such as canteens, halls, corridors, conference rooms, stairs, toilets, and dressing rooms are disinfected twice a day with spray. Separate cleaning appliances for each area to avoid mixing.

The company has placed water-free hand-washing disinfection gel in office buildings, factory entrances and other places to facilitate hand washing and disinfection when entering and leaving.


Today is the first day of construction, this is also an extraordinary start, "the resumption of work of enterprises is also the greatest support for national epidemic prevention", AVIC elevator in the action in strict accordance with the provisions of the government, planning in the first place, work to do detailed, to ensure that epidemic prevention materials in place, to ensure the safety of employees. AVIC Elevator firmly believes that under the unified leadership of the party and the government, through the unremitting efforts of all employees and the adoption of scientific prevention and control measures, we will be able to prevent and control the epidemic and resume production, and will win the epidemic prevention and control war!


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