AVIC Elevator Launches Comprehensive Disinfection and Disinfection Work Before Resuming Work



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In order to implement the relevant work arrangement and deployment requirements of the central, provincial, municipal and district epidemic prevention and control, further strengthen the epidemic joint prevention and control work of industrial enterprises resuming work and production, and ensure the safe, orderly, efficient and stable production and operation of the company after resuming work and production, on February 21, AVIC Elevator organized all safety officers and cleaning workers to carry out a complete training on disinfection, safety and disinfection, zou Yang, director of the safety department of the company's quality and safety center, explained in detail the safe use of disinfection supplies and the requirements for disinfection work.

After the training, the quality and safety center immediately organized the trainees to receive disinfectant and protective equipment from the special warehouse for epidemic prevention materials, and then assigned the personnel to the corresponding areas for comprehensive disinfection and disinfection, and arranged special personnel to supervise in each area.

The development of this disinfection work not only gave safety officers and cleaning workers a further understanding of disinfection safety, but also played an effective preventive role for the company's epidemic prevention and control work after resuming work.


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