When will the owner climb the stairs when the elevator annual inspection expires?



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When will the owner climb the stairs when the elevator annual inspection expires?

Residents living at No. 22 Zhenjiang Road, Yipingge Community, called the 96566 hotline for help, saying that the two elevators upstairs are all closed for nearly a month. What is going on, the owners are also in the clouds. In the fog, I don't know.

[When is the owner's climbing up the stairs when the elevator annual inspection expires?]


Mr. Shang lives in Yipinge Community, No. 22 Zhenjiang Road, Shibei District. The entire community has only one building with a total of six floors and is divided into four units. Unit 1 and Unit 2 are commercial housing with elevators, and Unit 3 and Unit 4 are low-rent housing., There is no elevator, and Mr. Shang lives in one unit. After the elevator was shut down, it brought a lot of trouble to everyone's life.


Mr. Shang: If you want to go home after entering the garage, you must take this staircase into the yard. There are no lights on this staircase at night, and it is very dark at night. The underground said it was two floors, but the top was close to three floors. It was very difficult to get up.


Owner: According to the formal, it can be solved in three to five days. Now it is more than a month. The elderly are 80 or 90 years old. It is very, very difficult to go up the stairs.


Owner: Although you look young like us, your legs hurt. Now you wear a lot of clothes in winter and it is quite difficult to go up the stairs.


Owner: If you come out, you will be pedaling 148. You can't lie prone at home and have to eat.

The whole unit 1 and unit 2 have a total of 16 owners, most of whom are middle-aged and elderly people. They have two floors underground and six floors above ground. In addition, the first floor is very high, which is close to ten floors. For the elderly, it is really a headache. Then why did the elevator stop? This will start on November 26.


Everyone has been waiting for more than ten days, one unit two units two elevators did not recover, at this time the owners also realized that this does not seem to be a small problem, but the elevator full full operation that is more than two years, it is difficult not to achieve a major failure? At this time the property staff to the owners confession, the problem is not the quality of the elevator, but maintenance.


Manager Wang of Shunxing Property: On November 23, the elevator broke down and people were trapped. Our security guard rescued him in time. During this period, the owner called (complained). On the 26th, the Shibei District Market Supervision Administration came and sealed it up. The manager of Shibei Construction Investment also came. The manager of the elevator company also came over. Now whether the elevator can be opened or not, both elevators can operate normally, just because the annual inspection period has passed.

Property Manager Wang said that although they have been stationed in the community for management services since around 2017, the maintenance of the elevator has always been the responsibility of the developer Qingdao North Construction Investment Co., Ltd., and the current maintenance company is also a contract with the developer. The main reason why the elevator will exceed the annual inspection period is that the service contract signed by the developer and the elevator maintenance company has expired, but the developer has not renewed it.

Manager Wang of Shunxing Property: Normally, the elevator maintenance company should submit an annual inspection. They (the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau) came to inspect it and the elevator can be operated when it is qualified.


Mr. Shang: During this period, we have been playing 12345, including our neighbors upstairs. We have not recovered. I play every day. 12345 I called yesterday, he gave me such a reply. Shibei District Government replied that Shibei Construction Investment is reporting the maintenance plan and is following the maintenance plan according to the procedure. That's a few words.

According to everyone's understanding, the service contract signed between the developer shibei construction investment and the elevator maintenance company expired in September this year. if both parties can renew the contract on time, the elevator will not be sealed up by the law enforcement department at present. then what is the reason for the delay and when the elevator will be restored? the reporter found the developer Qingdao north construction investment co., ltd. of yipingge, but yue, the manager in charge of the matter, is not in the unit, only one staff member was found to convey the company's basic position.


Staff of Qingdao North Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd.: if it is a new project, if it is still within the warranty period, there is no problem for our development and construction unit to be responsible, but after it is handed over to the property in the later stage, the property should be responsible for the maintenance of the relevant elevators. After receiving the fee, they went to a maintenance company to maintain the elevator. Have we already handed over the management of elevators? The property has been under management.

The developer's reply is diametrically opposite to the property. Who is in charge of the elevator? How can it become a matter for both parties to refuse?

Line mobilization: The elevator is now under our management?

Property Manager: No. This elevator used to be their own maintenance. Nothing passed us, I didn't have any information, I didn't have any elevator information.


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