Nanning a district elevator suddenly fell! You can see the elevator shaft with a light push of the elevator door.



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Nanning a district elevator suddenly fell! You can see the elevator shaft with a light push of the elevator door.

Recently, many owners of Hongri Mountain Lake Community told us that an elevator in the community has been broken for a long time. Two days ago, this elevator was suspected to have fallen directly from the top.

The owners told reporters that the damaged elevator was shut down in early December 2020 due to a fault. Although it was briefly restored after maintenance, it soon went on strike. What is unexpected is that at more than 2: 00 p.m. on the 5th of this month, there was a loud explosion in the well where the elevator was shut down. Some owners rushed out to check and found that at this time, the elevator doors on the first floor, negative first floor and negative second floor of the unit building had burst to varying degrees. The owners suspected that the elevator was caused by the fall of the elevator from the top.

On January 7, the reporter came to the field to investigate and found that most of the elevator doors on the negative second floor of the unit building had been seriously damaged and hung on the wall, and the elevator shaft could be seen with a light push.

The owner of the community said: "the property did not have any reply, that is, a notice was posted on January 6, saying that the elevator was seriously deformed during maintenance." According to the announcement posted by the residential property, on January 5, the Shuda Maintenance Company has sent several staff to repair the elevator, but during the maintenance process, it did not know what caused the serious deformation and fall damage of the counterweight. After that, the property got in touch with the maintenance company and now temporarily stopped the elevator to wait for repair. So why is there such a problem in the process of repairing elevators? When will residents be able to use the repaired elevator?

Hongri Mountain Lake District property manager Huang told us: "The elevator in early December was originally two parts bad, replacement can be used, and now the weather is cold, more sludge caused the elevator card stopped, in the master maintenance when there is a heavy block down, resulting in the elevator door panel deformation. Now has made a plan to repair, the master has entered the site in the repair live."

Property manager Huang told reporters that at the time of the incident, the elevator was out of service and no injuries were caused. Hongri Mountain Lake District property manager Huang said: "Now the elevator is mostly a small problem, if you buy in Nanning to get the accessories, you can soon resume use. If some accessories Nanning does not have, are shipped from the manufacturer, to 3 to 5 days like this." On January 7, the staff responsible for elevator safety supervision of Xingning District Market Supervision Bureau also came to the community to investigate, and we will continue to pay attention to the follow-up progress of this matter.

Reporter: Ning Shan Zhou Yuanxi

Editor: Yamengxia

Editor: Wang Ling Zhou Yang

Source: Nanning News Integrated Channel, News Online


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