Owner on the first floor: either give me the 1 million or you won't be allowed to install the elevator! See how this street solves the difficulty of installation.



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Owner on the first floor: either give me the 1 million or you won't be allowed to install the elevator! See how this street solves the difficulty of installation.

After learning that the elevator installation project was almost "stuck" in the residents on the first floor, an old lady on the 21st of xinjing eight village knelt down to the owner on the first floor, "my old man has not been downstairs for several years. we think he can take the elevator out of the door and bask in the sun." After more than a year, the elevator was finally installed successfully, but the old man did not wait until that day. "If the installation can be successful earlier, the old man may be able to enjoy it."

In order not to let similar regrets happen again, the installation of elevators in the old man's room of Beixinjing Street has recently entered the 2.0 version. On the basis of the original elevator addition information, the street has developed and launched the first installation of elevator management system in conjunction with the third-party enterprise Beijing Zhufu Building Research Institute Co., Ltd.

The electronic system implements "full life cycle management" for the installation of elevators, which greatly accelerates the installation process. At the same time, it also allows the cadres of the neighborhood committee to have more time and energy to invest in various elevator coordination affairs, and timely resolve various contradictions., Making the elevator installation process more popular.

This is the most difficult step to install the elevator

Located in Tianshan West Road, Xinjing Eight Village is one of the first batch of communities to install elevators. As early as 2018, this residential area has successfully installed three elevators.

"Because there is no experience to follow, the situation of each building is different. The installation process of these three elevators can be described as tortuous." Xinjing eight village residential area secretary Li Juan said.

In the eight villages of Xinjing, Li Juan is a very prestigious secretary. "I have never lowered my head with the residents, but in order to install elevators, I bowed my head and bowed many times."

There are 21 doorways in the community, and 3 corridors were selected for installation in 2018. The residents' willingness to install is very strong, but even if the consultation reaches more than 90%, it is still difficult for everyone to adjust. Li Juan recalled that 17 households in one building agreed, but the owner of the first floor objected. This resident bought a house for investment and wanted to rent out the house. when he learned that the corridor was to be equipped with an elevator, he said harshly, "either give me a 1 million, or I won't let you install this elevator!"

Li Juan first asked the property manager to do his job, but he didn't do it. Then I asked the police to do the job, but they didn't make it. "If this resident insists on not installing; Then, it is also difficult to install elevators in other corridors." Li Juan said. It should be noted that at least five households are separated in each corridor of the eight villages in Xinjing, which is a common difficulty. Finally, Li Juan invited all the owners to hold a "debate" and pulled 17 households and this resident together.

After repeated communication and coordination, the owner finally let go and the elevator of this building was installed.

"This is the most difficult step in the process of installing elevators, and it is also the most energetic step for the cadres of the neighborhood committee." Li Juan said that although it can be installed as long as 2/3 residents agree, it is still important to consult the wishes of each household. As long as one household does not agree, it will affect the following process and will be difficult to manage in the future.

Digital management empowers the installation of elevators

Digitization undoubtedly makes the installation of elevators into the fast lane.

Holding a mobile phone, sun apo of building 17 in xinjing village 8 swept away a "two-dimensional code" on the publicity column in front of the gate building. a consultation form for installing elevators appeared. sun apo carefully filled in his wishes to add elevators. "before, he had to run back and forth to the neighborhood committee to fill in the wishes. now he can report how many people in this building agree to install and what the progress is. once he brushes it!"

With the electronic management system, the work of neighborhood committee cadres is greatly simplified, and the consultation process of residents is clear at a glance. They can free up their energy to do specific coordination work. Li Juan recently successfully coordinated a household in Building 5. This place? It's the unemployed, on subsistence allowances. When Li Juan was holding the electronic inquiry form, his face was embarrassed, "I can't get the money, can you help me to reduce it?" Li Juan said to him, "It's one thing for you to help me if you have a difficult life, but it's another thing to install an elevator. It needs all the owners to share it in proportion." in the end, li juan helped solve the difficulty by coordinating with this resident's older brother.

Li Zhibin, deputy director of the Beixinjing Sub-district Office, said that with the electronic system, the streets are based on units and real-time statistics of each household's willingness to add ladders. For units with more than 90% willingness to add elevators, the streets will start to install elevators. For units with more than 80% willingness, the streets will focus on.

At present, six more corridors have been applied for installation in eight villages in xinjing, of which four elevators have entered the installation process.

Problems such as corridor charging are solved together.

"After the last round of installation project was started, 58 doors of the community were opened at once, and the residents were afraid of any mistakes in the installation process." li juan said,

With the electronic management system, this concern can be eliminated. Once the elevator enters the construction stage, this electronic system can monitor in real time.

The reporter learned that the management system installed video surveillance at the construction site of the installation of elevators to monitor the elevator construction progress and safe production and civilized construction in real time, and promptly urge the construction unit to make rectification when problems are found.

After the elevator is installed, the electronic management system also enters the maintenance stage. In the past, residents had a big worry about installing elevators. Once people were locked in elevators, they would not work every day. Electronic management solves this problem. At the system terminal, the running status of the ladder can be queried. Through the management system, we can query the buildings that have been installed with elevators, understand the basic information of the buildings, and monitor the operation of the elevators in real time.

In Xinjing Sixth Village, once the elevator fails, residents can press the fast button in the elevator, and the community urban transportation center will handle the information in time after receiving it. Li Zhibin said that in addition to the existing functions, the street will also connect the elevator five-party call function to the management system. When the elevator failure or accident occurs, the alarm information will be automatically dispatched to the corresponding maintenance unit through the management system, and the situation will be checked and resolved as soon as possible.

Since the elevator is connected to the electronic management system, the problem of charging the battery car into the corridor has also been solved. In Peiping Home, as long as residents pull their cars into the elevator, the management terminal will sound a beeping alarm. "After the elevator in the residential area is controlled, the phenomenon of parking and charging in the corridor has never happened again."

Reporters learned that in order to empower the installation of elevators, Beixinjing Street has also drawn up a three-dimensional ladder map of existing multi-storey residential buildings. The three-dimensional map shows the feasibility results of the three kinds of ladders in different colors. Green represents 464 units suitable for installation, accounting for 60.7 per cent; Purple represents 65 units that are more difficult to install, accounting for 8.5 per cent; Red represents 236 units that are not suitable for installation, accounting for 30.8 per cent. Among them, the red flag logo represents 15 units that have been installed or are under construction. At the same time, the "Preliminary Investigation and Feasibility Assessment Consultation Report on Installation of Elevators" covering 765 units has also been completed simultaneously.

Li Zhibin said that as one of the first batch of "demonstration application scenarios of artificial intelligence in Shanghai", Beixinjing Street is committed to exploring and solving the problem of adding ladders to the husband's house in a digital way, and strives to realize the whole life cycle management of installing elevators.

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