14 elevators will be installed this year! Which district is so strong?



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14 elevators will be installed this year! Which district is so strong?

It is the dream of many residents to install elevators in existing multi-storey houses, but it is really not easy to do this good thing. However, in Minhang District, Hongqiao Town, Jinhui Garden, a neighborhood, in January, there are 4 buildings where the installation of elevators was completed, and 10 elevators will be installed one after another during the year. How does this community drive on the installation of elevators "fast lane"? Go with reporters to find out.

4 units completed in one month
Residents: quite happy
At the beginning of the new year, residents of a neighborhood in Jinhui Garden, Hongqiao Town, opened their own "New year gift box". Four additional elevators in buildings 43, 52, 60 and 63 of the community were completed and put into use at the same time. This year, 64 years old, Mr. Shi, who lives on the 6th floor of Building 60, walked into the elevator. After swiping his card, the elevator that can carry 8 people quickly and steadily sent him upstairs. When he got out of the elevator, he only needed to walk half a floor of stairs to get home. Up.

Residents on the 6th floor of Building 60, No.1 Neighborhood of Jinhui Garden: 2020 is the most difficult year. Due to the epidemic, in the most difficult year, we have done the most difficult things and installed elevators. Everyone is very happy and quite happy.

Aunt Zhang Yanying, who lives on the fourth floor, is now full of happiness and praises the quality of the elevator. "Our elevator installation was successful, originally because the knee is not very good, living on the fourth floor is not willing to come down, our beautiful community is now doing very well, now a day to go downstairs to run several times, exercise, buy food, much more convenient. The sound of the elevator running is very light, the footprint is also small, lighting does not affect at all."

City-level district-level town-level
Policy Dividend Boosts Installation

It is understood that the first neighborhood of Jinhui Garden was built in 1993 and is one of the earliest commercial housing communities in Minhang District. Today, elderly residents in 66 buildings account for more than 50%. At present, in addition to the completion of the installation of 4 elevators in the community, there are still 5 under construction, and 5 have signed contracts to complete and wait for construction. The policy bonus is one of the reasons for the high installation rate of elevators.

Peng Hong, secretary of the general party branch of the residential area of huaguang city, jinhui, Hongqiao town, told reporters that in addition to the subsidy 240000 at the municipal and district levels, "Hongqiao town has also allocated a part of its financial funds to subsidize the installation of elevators", speeding up the installation of elevators in the commercial housing area of Hongqiao town.

In addition, the community has also set up an "autonomous consultation group for installing elevators in existing multi-storey residential buildings", with the participation of party members, building leaders and volunteers, building a pattern of autonomous and co-governance. The residents said frankly: "Everyone has a common topic to participate in the installation of elevators. In the past, the commercial housing community was not a society of acquaintances. After this incident, it gave us the feeling that our residents are becoming more and more harmonious and harmonious. Yes, and through this matter, everyone's desire to participate in autonomy and co-governance is even higher."

After the elevator was successfully installed, the residents negotiated and worked out the payment method of electricity and cleaning fees. After the free maintenance period, the relevant expenses will continue to be shared in proportion. "We 280000 at our own expense, and I paid 50000 on the sixth floor, so I paid the electricity bill for 5 months in advance, and paid for 2 months until the third floor. Each of our floors is reduced by one month." Time into said.

The installation and opening of the elevator has further enhanced the feelings between the neighbors upstairs and downstairs. After negotiation, although the residents on the first floor and the second floor did not contribute, they also have elevator use cards. "On the second floor, we hope that he will take the second floor and a half and walk down a few steps, so the second floor has the same four cards as us. Because the first floor does use less, so the first floor is given a card, so if there is anything, we can take care of it on the sixth floor and the first floor."

In the new year, 10 new elevators will be installed in the community. Residents wish the construction a smooth and early completion.

I hope everyone in the community will be happy and prosperous to do a good job in the elevator, and live a healthy and happy life.

From: Minhang Today


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