The "willful" falling elevator has used 17 years to cause frequent failures to frighten the owners.



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The "willful" falling elevator has used 17 years to cause frequent failures to frighten the owners.

An elevator in the residential area has been used for 17 years to break down frequently. Some accessories cannot be bought with the newly adjusted maintenance fund rules after being damaged, or the new elevator can be promoted to "start work" earlier"

A few days ago, the owner of the second phase of Jiajiajingyuan on Shihe Road in Hefei reported to our reporter that the elevators in the community have frequently failed recently, and they will suddenly fall down during the downward process. On January 19, a reporter from Anhui Business Daily Financial Media came to Building 20 of the community and found that although the elevator can be used normally at present, due to 17 years of continuous use, residents reported frequent failures during the period, and there were great safety risks. Elevators in condition also make owners living on high floors miserable.

The elevator panic "plummeted" and made an abnormal noise for no reason.

"The old man in the family was taking the elevator, and the elevator began to fall crazily without warning." Ms. Wang, a resident of the 20-building building, told reporters that after realizing that the elevator was falling, the old man, out of self-help instinct, pressed multiple floor buttons while the elevator was descending, but the elevator did not respond at all until the elevator stopped on the first floor and opened the door. Reporters visited the community found that some buildings of the elevator also had a fault. Among them, the old elevator, that is, the elevator that has been used for more than ten years, "loves to lose temper", the failure rate is relatively high, and most of the failures are concentrated in "falling". The elevator of 20 unit buildings in the community has been in use for 17 years and is an old elevator. According to Ms. Zhang, a resident of the building, the elevator has frequently failed since the second half of last year. Every time it is reflected that the property is repaired, it does not take long for the elevator to break down again.

The residents of the building said that the elevator was often unstable during operation and would make a harsh "dripping" noise after it stopped. However, the elevator door did not open immediately and it took a while to return to normal. "I ran out of the elevator in a hurry and fell down." Many residents reported that when the elevator stopped on the first floor after the crash, the elevator car was more than 20 centimeters below the ground level.

Elevator or accessories and other problems are difficult to completely repair

"Accessories and mainboards have all broken down. This elevator has been under repair, but it has no effect." According to reports, the building has more than 20 households on 10 floors and goes up and down by an elevator every day. During the interview, many residents told reporters that they hope to use the special maintenance funds for the property as soon as possible and replace a new elevator. "In the past two years, the elevator has failed not once or twice. It has been repaired many times, but there have been problems all the time. It has been good and bad, which has brought a lot of inconvenience to our residents." Many owners believe that maintenance alone can no longer fundamentally solve the problem of elevator failure. They hope to apply to the relevant departments to use special property maintenance funds to replace the faulty elevator and completely solve the problem of travel safety of the residents of the building.

The elevator always breaks down, how to solve it? "Once the elevator breaks down, we will arrange personnel to repair it at the first time. But the elevator has been used for a long time, and some parts are damaged and need to be re-purchased. Some parts manufacturers have stopped producing, and it is difficult to buy them on the market." During the interview, the staff of Anhui Xiyangyang Property said that the problems reported by the owners were true, and the problem of the elevator failure has been reported to the industry committee. On a daily elevator maintenance record sheet provided by the staff, the reporter saw that the property arrangement staff carried out maintenance on the daily use of the elevator once a month.

How do you ensure the safety of the owners before replacing the new elevators? The community property said it will strengthen the maintenance of the elevators on Building 20, organize professional and technical personnel to be present, conduct a centralized inspection of the elevators, and conduct regular safety checks to ensure the normal operation of the elevators. At present, the property company will urge the elevator maintenance company personnel to carry out detailed maintenance, and increase the frequency of maintenance and repair of the elevator, as far as possible to avoid the recurrence of elevator failure.

Replacing a new elevator, the process may be a bit long

During the visit, the reporter found that due to the interests of many owners of the unit building, it needs to be voted and approved by the owners' meeting. Therefore, some residents said that the process of waiting for the new elevator to be implemented is "a bit long". The property staff of the community told reporters that at present, the elevator can only be damaged and replaced with the consent of the owner of the building, and the cost of replacing the elevator should be jointly borne by the owner. Next, the opinions of each resident will be consulted and the owner will be asked to sign for confirmation. "We will write the relevant materials for the application for maintenance funds as soon as possible, and entrust the property company to negotiate and communicate with the owners' committee." A representative of the owner of the building said.

For a long time, the use of special property maintenance funds has been difficult for the owners to vote to reach the "double 2/3" above the owner's consent, unable to form a unified opinion, resulting in the community common parts, common facilities and equipment damage is difficult to get timely maintenance. In order to effectively improve the efficiency of the use of maintenance funds, according to the new provisions of the Civil Code, starting from January 1, 2021, the Hefei Housing Security and Real Estate Administration's Property Special Maintenance Fund Management Center will adjust the voting rules for the use of urban maintenance funds. The previous use of maintenance funds must be approved by owners whose exclusive part of the listed scope accounts for more than 2/3 of the total area of the building and more than 2/3 of the total number of owners, the adjustment to the use of maintenance funds shall be voted by the owners who account for more than 2/3 of the area of the exclusive part of the listed scope and the owners who account for more than 2/3 of the number of owners who participate in the voting. After more than half of the owners who participate in the voting and more than half of the owners who participate in the voting agree, that is, "double 2/3 owners participate in the voting and more than half of the owners who participate in the voting agree", greatly reduce the voting, effectively alleviate the difficulty of using maintenance funds.

Anhui Business News Financial Media Reporter Wu Mengjun/Photograph

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