One person trapped in elevator failure Yangxin fire rescue



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One person trapped in elevator failure Yangxin fire rescue

On the afternoon of the 21st, a person in Unit 1, Building 3, Country Garden, Xingguo Town, was trapped due to an elevator failure and needed firefighters to be present for disposal. After receiving the police, Horseshoe Lake Fire Station immediately dispatched to the scene.

After arriving at the scene, the trapped family members were asked and learned that the elevator was suspended between the first floor and the third floor, but the elevator went from the first floor to the third floor, and there was no elevator exit on the second floor. Due to the small space and poor air circulation, the trapped people were frightened by the sudden power failure of the elevator and fell down half of the floor due to high blood pressure, which made it difficult to breathe.

The on-site commander was worried that the trapped personnel would be deprived of oxygen for a long time and endanger their lives. He immediately ordered the commanders to use the elevator key to try to open the elevator door. At the same time, he contacted the elevator company to use a manual winch on the roof to raise the elevator from the second floor to the third floor. The remaining commanders used crowbars to assist from the side. The commander and his family kept calming the trapped people. After 10 minutes of intense rescue, the elevator door was successfully opened and the trapped people successfully escaped.

Here, the fire department reminds everyone not to panic when the elevator fails. Need to do the following:

First, (no matter how many floors there are) press the buttons on each floor as soon as possible.

Second, if there is a handle in the elevator, shake hands with one hand.

Third, the whole back and head are close to the inner wall of the elevator in a straight line.

Fourth, the knees are bent to disperse the impact of the descent.

(Correspondent Liu Xing)

Source: Tencent, Yunshang Yangxin.


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