Is it not easy to install elevators in old residential areas? The state has put forward a new plan, which can finally satisfy the low-rise residents.



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Is it not easy to install elevators in old residential areas? The state has put forward a new plan, which can finally satisfy the low-rise residents.

As people's living conditions are getting better and better, not only the living standard is improved, but also the quality of life is pursued. They pay more attention to health in eating and quality in clothing. As long as the quality is good, the price is not a problem. Many families have bought cars on travel, so that the traffic is more convenient, and the weather is no longer afraid of not being able to travel.

The most important thing is the living environment. Rich families and general families will go to the city to buy houses after building buildings in the countryside. As a result, the living conditions are getting better and better. With the emergence of more and more new communities, those old communities are obviously a little dilapidated. In order to improve the quality of life of the residents of the old community, the national government has also promulgated relevant policies to "rectify" the living environment of the old community, but found that it is not easy to install elevators in the old community? Because different residents have different needs, the country has proposed a new plan for this, which can finally satisfy the low-rise residents.

State Blocked in Installing Elevators for Old Communities

These old residential areas are certainly not as high as those of the new residential areas. We all know that the residential areas established now are more than ten or twenty floors. If you don't install an elevator, no one will buy a high floor, and no one is willing to climb 30 or 40 flights of stairs back and forth every day. The number of floors in the old residential area is very small, and the highest one will not exceed six or seven floors, so even if there is no elevator, everyone can eat and go upstairs and downstairs every day.

At first, the residents who bought this community used to be very young and naturally had no effort to walk up and down, but when people were old, they began to have some effort. Most of the time, they choose not to go out behind closed doors. It is the children of the family who go out to buy ingredients and goods for them. Therefore, in order to rectify the community, the government wants to install elevators to provide convenience to the elderly. It is a good thing for the residents on the fifth and sixth floors, but the residents on the lower floors are a little unhappy. They feel that there is no need to install elevators at all, and their interests will be affected accordingly.

1. the reasons why the second floor residents refused to install the elevator

The first point is that every household has to pay some fees for installing elevators. It is very convenient for the residents on the lower floors to go up and down. It doesn't matter whether there is an elevator or not, so they don't want to spend the money in vain. Moreover, if there is a problem with the elevator in the later stage, it needs to be repaired, which is another large expense. Residents on the first floor who have never used the elevator before are definitely unwilling to pay the money.

The second point is to install elevators. If residents on the lower floors want to sell their houses in the future, the price will be much lower, which is a great loss for them. The third point is that they originally bought the first floor and took a fancy to the large outdoor space. As long as the elevator is installed, it will take up a lot of space.

The fourth point is that people who want to take the elevator upstairs must pass through the first floor. The people coming and going will affect the quality of life on the lower floors, and the quality of sleep will also be reduced. Based on the above four points, we can really see that the low-floor residents are really not cost-effective, so they naturally will not agree with the government to install elevators. It is convenient for residents on the high floor, but the benefits of the low floor are affected. The contrast government also has the latest response plan to solve the matter.

Government promulgates "new program"

The government has decided to subsidize the residents on the second floor of the 1.. For example, the subsidies given by cities such as Shanghai and Suzhou are very high, and each resident can get a subsidy of 200000 yuan. But even so, everyone is not buying it. There is no way. The government said that as long as the majority of people agree to install the elevator, it will continue to install it, even if a few people do not agree. Of course, the interests of the first and second floor residents will not be lost. They do not need to pay any elevator fees, and there will be a sum of money as a subsidy. If you don't have money, you still have money to take, which solves the problem of low-floor residents, so everyone has no objection.

After the state promulgated the policy of installing elevators, many local governments also began to implement it. The higher the floor, the higher the charge. Then the charged fees will be distributed to the residents in proportion. In this way, the first floor residents pay the elevator fees and can also collect profits through the funds issued by the government. It is very necessary to install elevators. The older the old community, the older the people living there will be, and it will be inconvenient for them to travel. Stuffing at home all day is not good for physical and mental health, and it is also good to go out more with an elevator.

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