The Ministry of Housing and Construction has determined that elevators will be added to all old residential areas from 2021? These three types of people benefit from it!



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The Ministry of Housing and Construction has determined that elevators will be added to all old residential areas from 2021? These three types of people benefit from it!

If it is said that in the 2020 year, the most enviable and envious is the "demolition of the second generation", then starting from 2021, as the "old reform" replaces the "demolition", there will be three types of people who will become the biggest beneficiaries.

1. From 2021 onwards, "shed reform" will become history.

According to relevant documents issued by the State Council, 15 million new shed reform tasks have been proposed from 2018 to 2020. Since the end of 2019, the Housing and Construction Bureau has announced that 2.89 million sets have been overfulfilled.

Not long ago, Huang Yan, Vice Minister of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, said at a regular press conference that in the future, "one demolition" and "large demolition and large construction" will be avoided ".


Combined with the two information mentioned in the national "13th Five-Year Plan" that "2020 is the 'year of the end of the storm' for shed reform" and the sharp decline in the number of shed reform starts in 2020, what we can basically be sure of is;

From 2021 onwards, the "shed reform" will withdraw from the historical stage, and 2020 will be the last batch of "demolition of the second generation".

2. What about the old house if the shed is lost?

Although many people's ills are the national housing prices pushed up by the shed reform policy, the shed reform has also effectively realized tens of millions of residents "out of the shed and into the building", resulting in a concentration of dilapidated houses and dilapidated houses left over from history in cities and towns. The living conditions and living environment of residents in the courtyard have been significantly improved.


It is reported that as of August 2020, Ganzhou has completed the renovation of 221 old residential areas, benefiting about 33000 households.The reform involves the division of parking spaces, the "wearing new clothes" of old buildings, the installation of elevators, the renovation of roads, and the upgrading of greening. A new batch of old residential areas have been transformed and the living environment has been continuously improved.At the same time, the city plans to add 135 old residential areas, involving 25678 households.

3, install the elevator, become the biggest problem

Judging from the summary of thousands of old reform pilot projects in more than a dozen cities across the country in the past two years, the biggest difficulty in the old reform is to install elevators in old communities in the improvement category.Because the interests cannot be balanced, many old renovation projects in old residential areas are finally shelved because elevators cannot be installed. In other words, the installation of elevators in old residential areas has become the biggest "blocking point" of the old reform.


Therefore, in order to comprehensively promote the transformation and upgrading of old residential areas, the Ministry of Housing and Construction issued a "new standard" for housing ":

Starting from 2021, under the "new standard" of housing, elevators will be added to all old residential areas with more than 4 floors.However, this is only theoretical, and the final implementation will vary from community to community and from person to person.On the one hand, the needs of each floor for the installation of elevators are different.The demand for low floors is weak or not needed at all, and the installation of elevators will also block light, generate noise, have potential safety hazards, etc., so low floors are often rejected.And the high floor, the demand is very strong, especially the top floor, perennial by no elevator, miserable.On the other hand, the installation of elevator funding and post-maintenance funding issues.

The Ministry of Housing and Construction has made it clear that the "improvement category" of the old reform includes the item of installing elevators, and has also made it clear that the source of funds for the improvement needs should be borne by the residents themselves. Therefore, even if the state will subsidize the installation of elevators in old residential areas, it is not a comprehensive subsidy,So in the end, residents will have to pay some of the money.Since each floor has different needs for installing elevators, it is unrealistic to expect residents on the lower floors to contribute money. The most important thing is that the value of installing elevators is different for each floor.It is a "disadvantage" to add elevators on low floors and a "benefit" to install elevators on high floors. It is difficult for residents to reach an agreement on how to distribute the benefits.Therefore, it is very difficult to carry out the old reform in many areas once the elevator is installed.However, if your residential area is changed to an elevator, the following three types of people will benefit most.

4, install the elevator, 3 types of people benefit most

First, employees in related industries, especially the elevator industry.

Some experts have calculated that the total amount of investment that can be leveraged from the old reform is not less than 4 trillion. That is, in addition to the renovation investment generated by the renovation itself, it will also drive the industrial development of many industries upstream and downstream of the industry, such as waterproofing, cement, plumbing and other industries, and will drive residents' indoor renovation, decoration and renovation, and home appliance renewal.We only take the elevator industry as an example. In the next 5 years, 170000 communities will be renovated, which corresponds to 170000 elevators.Therefore, elevator design, manufacturing, promotion, sales and so on a series of personnel and enterprises will benefit. Especially those who can get a number of large orders of the elevator professional enterprises, carved up the cake is also bigger.

Second, just need buyers.

We have stressed more than once that the gradual withdrawal of large-scale demolition and construction of sheds actually has a positive effect on stabilizing real estate.And the old change to replace the shed change, is actually the old city's good. Some people also say that the old reform is the key to the "rebirth" of the old city.And the old city ushered in a major development opportunities, in fact, will benefit from countless just need buyers.The reason is very simple. At this stage, many buyers who just need to buy a home have a demand for home ownership, but they are facing an embarrassing situation. The old city is too broken and they don't like it. The new city has good supporting facilities and convenient transportation, but the price is also high, and they can't afford it. Therefore, many people have demand but have not bought a home.However, after the old city has undergone the old reform, whether it is the overall appearance, living environment, or ordinary facilities will also be significantly improved. The most important thing is that after the old community has elevators, many young people will no longer reject it.Therefore, we believe that in the next few years, with the "rebirth" of the old city, a large number of rigid demand buyers will flood into the old city. From the perspective of buyers with rigid demand, the old reform has enabled them to realize their dream of "enjoying high quality living with less money.

Third, the installation of elevators in the old residential high-floor owners.

As we have already mentioned, the installation of elevators in old residential areas is actually more beneficial to owners of high floors.After the installation of elevators, the shortcomings of "difficulty in going upstairs" before the high floors have been transformed into "advantages", and many old communities have high gifts, so the houses on the high floors have naturally become sweet and pastry, and the market value has ushered in a substantial increase., It is also natural.In fact, judging from the market price trend of the residential area after the completion of the installation of elevators in the past two years, the appreciation effect of the installation of elevators on high floors is also very obvious.

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