15 units started in 1 day! Installation of Elevator "Speed Up and Speed Up Again"



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15 units started in 1 day! Installation of Elevator "Speed Up and Speed Up Again"

In 2021, the installation of elevators in existing multi-storey residential buildings has been listed as a practical project in Minhang District. It is planned to sign 100 units and complete 80 units through the owner. The installation of elevators has been on the "fast track". The reporter learned from the Minhang District Housing Administration that since 2021, 6 elevators have been completed, 7 have been started, 22 have been signed, and 15 elevators will be started at the same time one day in February. How to ensure that the installation of elevators has been "speed up", can it be faster?

The reporter was informed that in terms of installing elevators, the municipal and district housing management bureaus have paid more and more attention to all aspects of the grassroots; all links such as owner negotiation, material approval, and installation construction have been accelerated; in addition, the rich accumulated in the successful installation of elevators in the whole district The sharing of cases and experience has provided valuable opinions for more communities that want to install elevators.

The vast majority of owners reached the public opinion in a month.

No. 36, Area 2, Jing 'an New Town is the 100th contracted elevator in Minhang District. The owner of the first floor did the most coordination work for this elevator.

Thanks to the harmonious neighborhood relationship in Building 36, 78-year-old first floor owner and building leader Yao Fengxian took the initiative to stand up and rush about installing elevators in the corridor. "This building has owners with family difficulties, and there are also owners who do not live here." Yao Fengxian ran around many times and finally reached an agreement, "For families with temporary financial difficulties, our corridor owner will pay in advance, and when this family is financially well-off, Then participate in the sharing together." Yao Fengxian introduced that such consultation opinions were still innovative in previous cases of installing elevators. "Everyone is looking forward to the installation of elevators, but we must also compare our hearts and consider the practical difficulties of others. If we overcome them together, a happy life will not be far away."

In addition to coordinating the installation of elevators, which seems to have nothing to do with her, Yao Fengxian also coordinated the neighborhood relations upstairs and downstairs with the opportunity of installing elevators, and solved the neighborhood conflicts caused by water leakage upstairs.

Yao Fengxian (middle), the 78-year-old owner of the first floor, has traveled many times.

It is said that mass work is the most difficult to do, but with this experience, other buildings in Jing 'an New Town are also in full bloom. The secretary of the Jing'an New Town Residential Committee said that although each building has its own particularity, the coordination and work over and over again have accumulated experience and methods for its future work. Everyone is learning from each other and will refer to the same situation. How to coordinate in other communities.

The reporter was informed that the installation of elevators in 2021 will achieve "two full coverage": full coverage of neighborhood committee cadre training and full coverage of community publicity. At present, the relevant training work has been carried out. Judging from the several elevators signed in the New Year, most of them reached an agreement within a month or so.

Simultaneous review of large and small platforms to speed up the elevator approval process

In addition, in accordance with the purpose of "convenience, benefit, efficiency and service" and the requirements of "reducing links, time, materials and running", Shanghai has reengineered the business process to further simplify and optimize the approval process. According to the relevant person in charge of the District Housing Management Bureau, at present, Shanghai has optimized and reengineered the business process of installing elevators. The housing management department has canceled the project approval link, the planning, construction, market supervision and other departments have simplified the approval materials, canceled the approval procedures of "construction project planning permit", and organized the publicity of architectural design scheme instead.

At the same time, in addition to taking the "big platform" at the municipal level, all districts and counties have built "small platforms". Minhang District has established a small-scale project construction management platform below the quota. Those who meet the requirements can log in to the small-scale project management system below the quota in Minhang District.

The head of Liu xianbaojia ladder studio, a third-party ladder company, said that the downward movement of the audit platform had reduced the time and accelerated the progress of the audit for the installation of elevators.

The reporter learned that in order to keep the installation of elevators on the "fast track", the installation of elevator audit platform is still under further optimization.

From: Minhang and xiaoxiang morning herald today

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