My parents took my baby to the elevator. One owner pushed the "electric car" to enter. The next scene caused comfort.



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My parents took my baby to the elevator. One owner pushed the "electric car" to enter. The next scene caused comfort.

Electric car is a very popular means of transport, small size, speed is not slow. Especially when picking up children, all kinds of electric cars are parked at the school gate. However, seemingly simple and convenient electric vehicles may also affect our personal safety.

My parents took my baby to the elevator. One owner pushed the "electric car" to enter. The next scene caused comfort.

A battery car exploded in an elevator in Chengdu, Sichuan. The video was searched in a short period of time. When you saw the baby engulfed in flames in the video, you felt some tension and sympathy. Originally, electric vehicles were not allowed to be pushed into elevators, because there have been many such tragedies, but the tragedies are still repeating themselves.

A similar thing happened in Yichang, Hubei Province. Ms. Yang and her husband took the elevator with their children. As a result, when they arrived on another floor, a man wanted to push an electric car into the elevator. This incident aroused Ms. Yang's vigilance and blocked the other party outside the door with her body and refused to take the elevator with him.

I thought that the other party would retreat in the face of difficulties, but the two men were in a stalemate, and no one was willing to compromise. Recalling the electric car deflagration incident in Chengdu, Ms. Yang was very scared and told the other party that I didn't want to die yet, so don't come in. But the other party still ignored and wanted to break in directly, but was finally blocked out.

Ms. Yang is not on a whim. She has encountered this kind of thing many times. Someone wanted to push the electric car into the elevator, but Ms. Yang stopped it. Being in the same space with such a dangerous product is really worrying. In case of danger, who can afford this responsibility?

What should parents pay attention to when taking care of their children?

eliminate some security risks

When taking children out, especially when taking the elevator, parents must be vigilant and stop some dangerous things in time. For example, someone wants to push an electric car to take the elevator with us. The deflagration incident in Sichuan is still vivid in my mind. For the sake of children's safety, we should show courage and courage to stop each other and tell them our concerns. Generally, the other party can understand them.

Avoid children riding alone in the elevator

Although the elevator has greatly facilitated our lives, many children do not know how to operate the elevator at all. They just ran in secretly out of curiosity without their parents' knowledge. As a result, they encountered some danger when taking the elevator. And they don't know how to deal with the danger correctly, put themselves in a dangerous environment, and even take the initiative to do some dangerous things, so that the child was hurt.

Parents need to know how to educate their children.

Let him know some common sense of safety

With the protection of parents, we can avoid some dangerous injuries to our children. But if the parents are not around, the children will have a black eye and don't know how to deal with the danger. Therefore, parents must teach their children some basic safety knowledge, so that they know how to deal with some emergencies, instead of rushing to the doctor, because of operational errors, they are in danger.

Let the child become responsible.

We should tell our children that we can't just be a bystander in this world. When we encounter some dangerous or unfair things, we should summon up courage to stand up actively. Just like Ms. Yang, seeing someone trying to push an electric car into the elevator and use their bodies to stop each other, this protects the safety of the family.


It's heartbreaking for a cute baby to be so badly hurt by a fire caused by an electric car. It also makes everyone aware of the importance of safety. We must give our children meticulous protection. When some dangers come, we will stop them outside the door in time. Don't muddle along. Otherwise, not only us but also our children will be hurt.


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