Alert! The jump rope in the boy's hand got stuck in the elevator, and then the scene was frightening.



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Alert! The jump rope in the boy's hand got stuck in the elevator, and then the scene was frightening.

Recently, in a district in Hunan

An old man with his own children on the elevator

The little boy had a skipping rope in his hand

Although people came in

Half of the jump rope was left outside.

There is a woman in the elevator can't help but remind

But the old man waved his hand

Smiling disapprovingly

The scene that followed was very frightening.

Skipping rope pulled by elevator

Stuck between the box and the building.

Passengers in the elevator leave quickly.

Fortunately, there were no casualties.


Fortunately, there were no casualties.

But due to the incorrect use of the elevator dangerous situation

It happens from time to time.

On May 8, a bear child in Mianyang, Sichuan

Clip the badminton racket into the elevator door when taking the elevator.

With the elevator moving

Badminton racket is squeezed deformation

More caused the elevator to stop running

And his mother

Then in the failed elevator

Pressed the floor button.

This is intended to cover up the mistakes of their children.

their behavior

Causing a neighbor to crash from the 20th floor while taking an elevator.

Trapped elevator

May 11, Chengdu Chenghua District

A man in white pushed the battery car into the elevator

Just as the elevator doors were closing

Smoke suddenly rolled out of the rear of the car.

In just one second, flames filled the entire elevator.

Then there was a second explosion in the elevator.

The incident resulted in a total of 5 people injured in varying degrees

The scene is a mess


So many elevator accidents

Still can't get your attention?

Please note the following points

Take the elevator safely!

How to Ride the Elevator Correctly

1. When entering the elevator, check whether some thin items on your body are caught.

When the elevator door is opened and closed, it is difficult to sense some small items, so there are many accidents.

Especially the bag belt, pet rope, skirt and other small things must pay attention.

In 2019, in Istanbul, Turkey, a little boy wrapped a rope around his neck while taking an elevator. The rope was caught when the elevator closed. The little boy was instantly hung from the ceiling......

2. When waiting for people to enter the elevator, it is strictly prohibited to use feet, hands and other body parts, or various items to block the door.

When you need to wait for someone to enter the elevator,Press the elevator key directly.

3. Do not push the electric car into the elevator

Since the current state battery standards for two-wheeled electric vehicles are far less stringent than those for electric vehicles,The phenomenon of electric vehicle explosion occurs from time to time. The space in the elevator is small, and if this happens, the consequences will be unimaginable.

4. Do not hold the elevator door

The gap between the elevator and the door post is also one of the places where accidents are prone to occur in the elevator.. In the process of opening the elevator door, if you do not pay attention, it is likely that hands or objects will be caught in it.

5. Confirm that the elevator has completely arrived before taking it.

When the elevator doesn't arrive, it's just empty behind the outer door. If you hit hard,The elevator door will be knocked open directly, even causing it to fall directly into the elevator shaft..


In the event of an accident while riding the ladder

And don't panic

Learn these five steps.

nip in the bud

Elevator accident five strokes self-help

1. Be sure to stay calm

Elevator accident, don't panic,Be sure to calm down and don't break the elevator to escape..

2. After the elevator is shut down due to failure, never pick up the elevator door.

Many accidents are caused by trapped people forcibly picking up elevator doors or taking other inappropriate self-rescue methods.No.Appropriate self-help way, it is easy to cause casualties because of the sudden operation of the elevator or their own inadvertent stepping on the air.

On May 3, a 13-year-old boy in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, forced to pry open the elevator door when he was trapped in the elevator, and unfortunately fell to his death.

3. After the elevator is shut down due to failure, press the door opening button, alarm button and property rescue button continuously.

In addition, can alsoCall emergency calls or scream for help from your mobile phoneSent the trapped information to the outside world.

4. The elevator suddenly fell due to failure and quickly pressed the buttons on each floor.

When the emergency power is activated,The elevator will stop immediately and continue to fall, stopping on a certain floor.And then you can escape.

5. The elevator due to failure suddenly fall, immediately do a protective posture

If there are handrails in the elevator, the head and back should be in a straight line close to the inside of the elevator, the knees should be bent, the toes should be pointed to the ground, the heels should be lifted, and the handrails should be held tightly.This posture can relieve the damage of the impact force to the body;If there is no armrest, hold your neck with both hands to avoid neck injury..


The elevator ride is small.

Also pay attention to safety from all aspects!

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