Zunyi 13 People Trapped in Elevator While Walking with Relatives



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Zunyi 13 People Trapped in Elevator While Walking with Relatives

On May 23, 13 citizens of Zunyi were trapped in an elevator in a residential area, including a child. Local fire after receiving the alarm, rushed to the scene to rescue all 13 people.

At 12:14 on the same day, the 119 command center of Zunyi fire rescue detachment received an alarm from the masses that the elevator on the first floor of Huifu Huting community, Jialing River Road, Huichuan District, suddenly broke down, and many people were trapped in the elevator. After receiving the alarm, Huichuan District Honghe North Road Special Service Station immediately rushed to the scene.

At 12:28, after the special service station arrived at the scene, it was learned that 13 people, including Ms. Luo, relatives and friends, came to the 7th floor of the community to visit relatives. At 11:32, when they were about to take the elevator back, the elevator that was supposed to stop on the first floor was stuck between the negative first floor and the negative second floor. Of the 13 people trapped, there was also a child.

Due to the long time of being trapped and the poor air on the negative first floor, the trapped personnel were very excited. Rescuers shouted through the door to calm the emotions of the trapped people, and instructed the trapped people to bend their legs and stick to the side of the elevator according to the safety regulations to protect themselves.

Subsequently, under the professional operation of the elevator maintenance staff, the elevator door slowly opened. At 12:37, the first trapped person was pulled out of the car with the help of fire rescue personnel, and then the rest of the trapped people were rescued one after another.

Source: Guiyang Evening News

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