Death caused by Zhanjiang elevator rushing to the top: people were trapped before the incident, and there was no doubt about routine maintenance due to brake component failure.



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Death caused by Zhanjiang elevator rushing to the top: people were trapped before the incident, and there was no doubt about routine maintenance due to brake component failure.

On the evening of May 23, an elevator in Ankang Jinhai Phase II District, Chikan District, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province accelerated from the first floor to the top of the 30th floor, killing one occupant in the elevator. Zhanjiang City Market Supervision Administration reported that after preliminary judgment, the elevator brake was faulty at the time of the incident.
May 26 Cover NewsFrom the community owners, experts in the field of elevator safety testing in Zhanjiang City, maintenance companies, testing institutions and other parties to understand,The tie rod on the faulty elevator brake was found to be broken after the accident.There is no specific organization responsible for the daily maintenance of this component.
Public information shows that the elevator involved was put into use on December 15, 2014. The elevator manufacturer is Shenyang Bolint Elevator Co., Ltd.; the user is Zhanjiang Olive Garden Property Service Co., Ltd.; the registration authority is Zhanjiang Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau; The inspection agency is Zhanjiang Inspection Institute of Guangdong Special Equipment Inspection Institute. The maintenance unit is Zhanjiang Lishi Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Installation Co., Ltd.
The elevator brake is an important part to ensure the safe operation of the elevator, which is generally installed on the traction device in the control room at the top of the vertical elevator. According to the requirements of China's "Safety Code for Elevator Manufacturing and Installation", the brake should enable the elevator in operation to automatically stop the car when the power supply is cut off. When the elevator stops running, the brake should be able to ensure that the car remains stationary and the position remains unchanged under 125% of the rated load. If the elevator brake fails, it is easy to cause the top accident.

May 23, Zhanjiang Top Rush Accident Site

elevator security experts:
The elevator brake rod is broken, and the overspeed limit protection in the upper direction of the elevator is defective.
On May 23, Mr. Jia, who is not only an expert in the field of elevator security inspection in Zhanjiang, but also the owner of the Golden Bay Phase II community, rushed to the scene to understand the accident immediately after the elevator roof accident, and provided technical personnel and police who were investigating the scene. Expert opinion.
Before his retirement, Mr. Jia worked in the Zhanjiang Labor Safety and Health Inspection Station before the Zhanjiang Special Equipment Inspection Institute was restructured many times, and served as the deputy station chief, mainly engaged in elevator safety inspection. After the restructuring of the testing station, Mr. Jia has been engaged in the training of elevator maintenance workers and safety management personnel in Zhanjiang for many years.
Mr. Jia told reportersAfter the accident, he saw in the machine room on the top floor of the elevator that the faulty elevator brake lever was broken into two sections,According to Mr. Jia more than 10 years of elevator safety testing experience, this fault should be the cause of the top accident.
Mr. Jia said that the brake is the elevator "brake device", the brake can make the elevator in the flat position to maintain a stationary state. Run again until the power is turned on and the brake is released. The braking force of the brake comes from the spring worn by the tie rod. If the tie rod is broken, the "brake" of the elevator will fail. Mr. Jia said that there were two independent brakes on the elevator involved. According to the time when the maintenance personnel arrived at the scene, the brakes of the elevator were not completely invalid at that time. However, when the elevator car continued to slide upward, causing damage to the brake, and the other brake gradually failed completely, the elevator accelerated and rushed upward, causing a tragedy.
Elevator Brake Data Chart
Mr. Jia thinks that there are defects in the implementation of China's current "Safety Code for Elevator Manufacturing and Installation". The code requires elevators to have an upper overspeed protection device. In the implementation, it is believed that as long as the brake does not directly brake the traction sheave through the intermediate shaft, the elevator is regarded as having an upper overspeed protection device. Compared with the lower protection, there is a lack of safety tong, an independent mechanical safety protection device. The current situation of the implementation of such norms makes it more dangerous for the elevator to move upward than below if the load in the elevator cannot be balanced with the counterweight after the elevator brake is broken.
The birth of the elevator safety gear, the elevator officially entered the commercial, in the elevator nearly a hundred years of development, the lower direction of the safety gear is the elevator can be put into use the necessary conditions, but the understanding of the concept of the upper direction of the overspeed protection device is different, resulting in the upper direction of the safety gear or other safety protection device in many elevators in China is not equipped. If both brakes fail, the elevator will have no other effective overspeed protection. In today's more and more high-rise buildings, the potential danger is very great, and the consequences are quite terrible.
In additionIn the maintenance of the elevator, the strength of the connecting rod, spring and other components of the brake is not a regular maintenance item,The daily inspection of the brake by the maintenance company is mainly the braking force of the brake, the brake release gap, etc., and the general maintenance personnel are not able to judge the potential risks of this component..In the elevator industry, only Zhanjiang Special Equipment Inspection Institute has the ability to detect the strength of the pull rod on the elevator brake, but the detection of this characteristic component is not a necessary content in the detection institute.
Maintenance Unit:
The improper operation of the online maintenance personnel during the rescue caused the elevator to rush to the top, which is not true.
After the elevator roof accident occurred on May 23, several on-site videos were circulated on the Internet. The video showed that the accident occurred when the maintenance personnel were on the scene for rescue. Some netizens questioned that the accident was caused by improper operation of the maintenance staff on the scene.
May 26 afternoonThe personnel on duty of the maintenance company responded to the reporter that the specific cause of the top rush accident is still under investigation, but it certainly has nothing to do with the operation of the on-site maintenance personnel.
In the process of contacting the maintenance company, the reporter called the rescue phone number indicated in the elevator many times, and the mobile phone number was turned off when the reporter dialed, while the general duty phone number of the maintenance company was only connected once after waiting for many times. According to the reporter's understanding, the company has 24 elevators maintained in the incident area, and the manufacturers of these elevators are the same.
Regarding the daily maintenance of the elevator brake lever, the maintenance company said that this component is not a daily inspection and maintenance item of the maintenance company, and the maintenance company is not technically capable of detecting whether there is any problem with this component.According to the company's understanding, on May 8, the testing institute sent people to the site for regular testing, and no problems were found.

On May 26, the use sign of another unit elevator in the incident area

The "Special Equipment Use Mark" of other elevators in the community obtained by the reporter shows that the "next inspection time" of elevators in the community should be May 2021. The residential elevator should be inspected in May 2021, is it all completed? As of press time, the reporter has not yet received any other response.
The maintenance company said in an interview with Chutian Metropolis Daily on the evening of May 25 that the accident was an accidental incident, and family members are currently discussing compensation matters with the property company.
Before the incident, there was an incident of elevator trapping people in the community, and the overall operation was stable.
On May 26, the reporter called the property on duty phone of the incident community and learned that the elevators in the community have regular maintenance and annual review, and the overall operation is stable. Occasionally, people trapped in the elevators are safely resolved. At present, the elevator in which the accident occurred has been sealed up, and other accident investigations are being carried out in cooperation with relevant departments, and the progress is not yet known.
At noon on May 26, Mr. Zhan, the owner of the residential area, told reporters that the elevators in the residential area had not been "safe" since he moved in. At noon on the 26th, he had just encountered two elevators in building 5 of the residential area. The failure was temporarily suspended. When a trapped person occurred in the elevator in the community in 2019, Mr. Zhan used his hand to open the crack of the elevator door to ventilate the three people trapped in the elevator for more than half an hour until rescuers rescued them.
zhanjiang special equipment testing institute:
Strength detection of brake accessories is not a single detection content
According to the official website of Zhanjiang Testing Institute of Guangdong Special Equipment Testing Institute, the testing institute has a Class A qualification for special equipment inspection and testing in China. The Testing Institute undertakes the statutory supervision and inspection and regular inspection of special equipment in Zhanjiang area, and undertakes the supervision and inspection (first inspection) and regular inspection of elevators. Regularly carry out quality analysis and risk assessment of special equipment inspection, and provide analysis reports to the supervision agency on a quarterly basis; be entrusted to participate in the investigation and analysis of safety accidents of special equipment; be entrusted to participate in the post-certification supervision of special equipment manufacturing, installation, repair, and maintenance units Inspection work.
On the afternoon of May 26, the cover news reporter tried many times to contact the testing institute, which was responsible for both the investigation of the accident and the pre-inspection of the accident elevator. The reporter learned that the investigation of the accident is still in progress. The strength test of brake accessories is not a single item accepted by the testing institute. The specific details of the elevator security check need to be responded by the functional department, but as of press time, the reporter has not successfully contacted the functional department transferred by the office hall of the testing hospital.
The "Elevator Supervision and Periodic Inspection Specification Document" requires that the braking force and fault protection of the brake should be inspected when the elevator is for maintenance inspection and periodic inspection. It is not clearly stipulated that the strength inspection of the brake lever should be carried out.
Elevator Manufacturer:
We are cooperating with the Market Surveillance Authority to investigate
On May 26, the staff of the elevator manufacturer Shenyang Bolint Elevator Co., Ltd. told reporters that they had contacted the Zhanjiang Municipal Market Supervision Administration on the 25th to confirm that the elevator involved was a product of Bolint, and the elevator was delivered. After standard testing, it is a qualified product.
At present, the staff of Bolint Company are cooperating with the investigation of Zhanjiang Market Supervision and Administration Bureau on the spot.
zhanjiang market supervision and management bureau:
Manufacturers and experts have been contacted for investigation.
At 3 o'clock in the afternoon on May 25, the Zhanjiang Municipal Market Supervision Administration issued a notice stating that after the accident, relevant staff of the municipal and district market supervision departments rushed to the scene of the accident, seized the elevator involved and seized relevant information. According to preliminary judgment, the elevator brake failed at the time of the incident, and the detailed reason is under further investigation.

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