What happened to the "1 yuan bus elevator"? The reporter came to visit on the spot.



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What happened to the "1 yuan bus elevator"? The reporter came to visit on the spot.

Previously, Zhejiang Satellite TV's "News Deep Once" program reported that in February this year, a community in Hangzhou launched a "bus elevator" plan to address the problem of installing elevators in old communities-residents do not need to raise funds in the early stage. After the elevator is completed, Each ride charges 1 yuan, just like taking a bus.

After many months, how many "1 yuan elevators" have been installed? How is the use of residents? How is the elevator operation and maintenance mode? To see the reporter's field visit.

Residents: It is convenient to brush your face, but the price is expensive.

Yao Yiyun is a resident of Biguiyuan Community, Lin 'an District, Hangzhou City. In the past two days, the additional elevator in her unit building has been put into use. By entering data in the background, she can brush her face to pay for taking the elevator and deduct one dollar each time. Yao Yiyun said that he sometimes forgot to take the card, thanks to the face brushing function, which is very convenient for the elderly and residents with children.

At present, 114 such elevators have been installed in Country Garden in Lin 'an District and 75 have been put into use. The elevator company shall bear the costs of installation, later operation and maintenance and daily operation, and the government shall subsidize each 200000 of the elevators installed according to regulations. Each ride, residents pay one yuan, a ride together also only need to pay one yuan. Cai siyue, a staff member of Zhejiang omron elevator co., ltd., said: "we estimate the price based on the future maintenance and maintenance of the elevator, including electricity charges, network charges, and the approximate number of times residents can take the elevator every day, so as to set it at one yuan once."

However, for some residents in the community, the one-dollar charge is still a bit expensive. Zhou Genhua, a resident of the community, told reporters: "It's acceptable. For example, if we want to sit down, we can walk more by ourselves, but a dollar is still a little higher."

Staff: Elevator is not profitable at present, and price adjustment will be considered.

According to statistics, of the 75 elevators currently in operation, 2/3 of them have reached the expected number of rides, each with dozens of rides per day. However, there are 1/3 elevators, with only a few rides per day, which is lower than expected.

According to the elevator operator, the annual operation and maintenance cost of each elevator is about 7000 or 8000 yuan. They also expect the insufficient number of passengers. In the later stage, with the opening and publicity of more elevators, the overall number of passengers will increase and will be adjusted according to the specific situation. "Because this model itself is still in the process of exploration, we will also seek the opinions of the owners and consider the price according to the usage amount, including the operation situation." Ying Zhiyin, director of the Public Service Center of Jinbei Street, Lin'an District, Hangzhou, said that the "one yuan elevator" remained in an unprofitable state at the initial stage, including the installation of elevator advertisements in the later stage, and at the same time subsidizing the installation and operation costs of elevators through other income.

Public Commentator: People's Livelihood Projects Should Also Calculate "Economic Accounts"

"Who pays for several people to take the elevator together", "whether the first floor and the sixth floor are the same price", "whether 'brushing face' will cause privacy leakage" and so on, these problems must be faced in the development of "1 yuan elevator. So, 1 yuan bus elevator how to go further? Let's listen to the views of public commentators.

Feng Cheng, an employee of a company in Hangzhou, said: "In fact, 1 yuan is not expensive, cheaper than buses, but the charging method can be changed appropriately, the introduction of annual and monthly cards, to reduce the cost of elevator vacancy. In the future promotion process, it is recommended that the government introduce some policy guidance, give some encouraging compensation, promote the installation of the elevator industry virtuous cycle, which will help the" bus elevator "replication and long-term operation."

Wang Chuantao, an employee of a company in Jinan, said: "Since elevators are installed, the property fees of some new communities can be adjusted according to the property service price standards of some new communities. By increasing the property fee, some compensation is directed to the maintenance unit of the elevator. However, the adjustment of property fees must be carried out in accordance with laws and regulations. At the same time, the accounts of property fee compensation to elevator maintenance must also be open and transparent, and must withstand the review and audit of the owners' committee and relevant audit units."

Wang Qiunv, a freelancer in Hangzhou, said: "The price of low-rise and high-rise floors is the same. Many low-rise residents are less likely to choose to take elevators. Ladder-by-floor charging or floor-by-floor charging may be more reasonable and easier for most residents to accept."

Zhou Yan, a community worker in Hangzhou, said: "The limitation of face-brushing payment also hinders the long-term operation of elevators. I think it is more convenient and fast for the middle-aged and the elderly to bind the verification and payment functions of elevator riding to the access card of the community, and temporary riding cards can also be applied for relatives and visitors, thus the riding efficiency of elevators will be greatly improved. If the shared elevator can be promoted in a wider area, it can also be like Alipay's" bus code "to open the elevator to take the code and brush the code to take the elevator, so that the" shared elevator "can go further and longer."

Indeed, as the public commentators have said, when learning from and promoting the practice of "1 yuan bus elevator", we should have more wisdom of "because of time", "because of place" and "because of people. The operation guarantee mechanism is "smooth", the neighborhood relationship is "harmony" and "close", and the installation of elevators in old residential areas will naturally not be "stuck. However, having said that, the "1 yuan elevator" is an exploration. The operation of the people's livelihood project itself is also continuously improved and optimized in reality, so that users have a better experience.

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