Long Shengming: Love the Party, Believe in the Party, Follow the Party, and Determined to Pursue the Way to Join the Party



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Long Shengming: Love the Party, Believe in the Party, Follow the Party, and Determined to Pursue the Way to Join the Party

Long Shengming, 39 years old, is currently an installation and maintenance worker of Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AVIC Elevator"). He is a senior technician and senior engineer. He submitted an application for joining the party in 2019 and became a probationary party member in June 2021.

At a very young age, under the influence of his father, long Shengming planted the "seeds of joining the Party" in his heart ". His father was a firefighter. When he was a child, his father often told him many historical stories of the party and the country, and took him to watch various revolutionary war movies. The simple language and vivid pictures made him know since childhood: without the Communist Party, there would be no new China! At that time, he established a firm belief that I would also become a useful person to society in the future.

Since then, Long Shengming has been motivated to study hard and work hard. In 2001, after graduating from school with excellent results, he came to AVIC Elevator and began to work in elevators. During his work, he worked conscientiously and scrupulously. While completing his own work, he kept thinking and learning, which brought many honors to the company. He was successively rated as "national operation technical expert" and "national skill pacesetter", he has participated in the National Elevator Skills Competition for many times and achieved excellent results. He won the second prize in the 2017 China Skills Competition-"Luban Cup" National First Elevator Installation and Maintenance Worker Professional Skills Competition; in 2018 The Belt and Road Initiative and BRICS National Skills Development and Technological Innovation Competition-International Elite Invitational Competition for Elevator Installation and Maintenance Technology won the second prize. However, he has not submitted an application for joining the party to the party organization for a long time. He feels that the image of a party member is the image of the party. He must join the party in the best condition to maintain the image of the party. It was not until 2019 that he took part in the Belt and Road Initiative and BRICS skills Development and technological Innovation Competition-the first elevator engineering technology competition, that he solemnly submitted his first application for joining the party to the company's party committee. He said: "after a long period of thinking and study, I feel that I have the conditions to become a qualified party member. Please the party organization to test me in future practice".

After submitting the application for joining the party, Long Shengming has been strict with himself according to the standards of qualified party members. In 2020, the company is going to send outstanding employees to participate in the national elevator industry vocational skills competition. As an old employee who has participated in many competitions and obtained excellent results, in order to improve the theoretical and practical experience of the newcomers and let them have a good performance in the competition, he took the initiative to use his spare time to train the newcomers. Before the training, in order to make the training more intuitive and clear, so that the participants have more time to learn theory and carry out practical exercises, he himself understood the requirements of the competition in his spare time, and combined his own work and competition experience to make it into a courseware, transfer theoretical knowledge to them in concise and easy-to-understand language, and made a large number of relevant examination props for the participants to operate by themselves, he guided the correction by the side and constantly encouraged them, boosting their confidence in winning. After more than a month of training preparation and more than ten days of pre competition training, the participants of AVIC elevator once again surprised the audience with excellent results.

With his unremitting efforts, in December 2020, Long Shengming was awarded the title of "Model Worker in Zunyi City". In order to pass on the spirit of model workers and craftsmen, and play an exemplary and leading role as a model, he went to Zunyi schools many times to preach the spirit of model workers and craftsmen. He told the details of his post over the years in plain language and spread the "glory of labor" among all the students, create the positive energy of "greatness", and encourage them to base themselves on the present, learn their skills well, and strive to become the champion in every industry in the future, and strive to realize the great Chinese dream.

Long Shengming used practical actions to interpret a new party member's purpose of practicing his original intention, regardless of personal gains and losses, diligent and pragmatic, and serving the people wholeheartedly. With a down-to-earth style, enthusiastic service and a spirit of dedication, he influences and drives everyone around him. He has no bold words, but he has the most beautiful struggle appearance of a qualified party member.



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