The elevator is idling, and the China Airlines elevator "accelerates" it"



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In the Meitan re-baking plant of Guizhou Tobacco Re-baking Co., Ltd., an elevator has been in a state of "slow driving" for three years, which has seriously affected the company's vertical passenger and freight efficiency. However, the problem has not been solved despite the help of the rebaking plant. It was not until August this year that the re-baking factory re-invited the elevator maintenance company and chose AVIC elevator, which has the leading national level in elevator installation and maintenance, as its partner. The elevator of Meitan re-baking factory bid farewell to the era of "slow driving" and moved towards the "fast lane".

Elevator idling means that the elevator runs at the maintenance speed (about 0.2 m/s). Only when the elevator needs repair, maintenance and debugging will it be adjusted to this speed to facilitate the staff to carry out the maintenance work. If it is not operated by professional staff, the elevator will generally not be "slow", even if it fails, it will be automatically shut down. According to Chen Peng, the district manager of AVIC Elevator stationed in Meitan, after AVIC Elevator won the bid, the re-baking factory immediately fed back the problem of "slow driving" of the elevator to him and took him to the scene to understand the situation. Through testing, Chen Peng found that the problem is more complicated, the general elevator maintenance staff can not solve, can only report the problem to the company, hope that the company selected elevator skills experts to the scene to understand and solve the problem.

After receiving Chen Peng's report, AVIC Elevator immediately sent Zhang Chunsheng from the Technical Support Department of the Engineering Center to the scene to inspect and repair the elevator. Through all-round inspection, Zhang Chunsheng found that the problems existing in the elevator are relatively complicated. In addition to some old parts that need to be replaced, there are also problems such as the failure of external signals to be transmitted normally, the incomplete roof of the car, the failure of the safety circuit, and the failure of the self-closing system of the hall door. It is necessary to study and formulate targeted maintenance plans to solve the problems step by step.

In order to ensure a comprehensive solution to the problem, Zhang Chunsheng immediately discussed with the elevator maintenance personnel stationed by AVIC Elevator in Meitan County and came up with a solution. First of all, all the old parts in the elevator are replaced, and the missing part of the car roof is restored by welding. Then repair the elevator hall door, car door system, door lock electrical circuit system, and external signal detection points; Finally, repair the elevator control source program. After nearly 10 days of overhaul and debugging, the elevator that has been in operation for 3 years in Meitan Re-baking Plant has not only been successfully repaired, but also its running speed has been increased to the design standard of 0.65 m/s. The elevator has been put into normal use at present.

The successful repair of the "slow car" elevator not only made AVIC Elevator highly praised and trusted by elevator users from all walks of life in Meitan, but also provided a strong factual basis for AVIC Elevator to "lead the national level in installation and maintenance skills. AVIC Elevator will continue to carry forward the "craftsman spirit", deeply cultivate the elevator skills research field, and escort the travel safety of thousands of households!


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