Henan: The installation of elevators was forced to stop work because the owner on the first floor did not agree. The top floor: it took 170000



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Henan: The installation of elevators was forced to stop work because the owner on the first floor did not agree. The top floor: it took 170000

Disputes over the installation of elevators in old buildings are also quite common. Usually contradictions come from residents on the high and low floors. The high floors think that the low floors should agree to install elevators. After all, it is inconvenient for the elderly and children living on the high floors to travel. The low floors think that the installation of elevators affects lighting and ventilation. Therefore, they firmly disagree with the installation. The two sides are prone to conflicts over this.

It is undeniable that it does affect the lower floors, and the upper floors should also have a good negotiation. As long as the requirements of the lower floors are not excessive, they should be compensated appropriately, instead of directly installing the elevators. In Henan, there was a dispute over installing elevators. It cost 170000 yuan to install the elevators, but it was stopped by the community. Let's take a look.

The thing is, Huibao Garden, located in Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, has already solicited opinions on the installation of elevators and passed the approval of the community neighborhood committee. The total cost is 500000 yuan. The elevators are already in the process of installation, but they were inexplicably stopped by the community. The installation of elevators was also forced to stop construction, and 170000 yuan was already invested.

The reason for the obstruction was that the first floor did not agree to install the elevator, but the high-level owners had different opinions. At the time of soliciting opinions, 80% of the owners had already signed and agreed, but only one owner on the first floor signed and disagreed. However, a sentence was added on the side of disagreement, and the construction of the elevator was not blocked. These were all signed under the witness of the community.

If you didn't agree to install the elevator at the beginning, then the first floor shouldn't have signed to agree to install it. Therefore, the top management thought it was reasonable. The residents on the first floor had no reason to complain about the installation of the elevator and let the community stop the elevator construction. In order to resume the elevator construction, the top management owners also looked for the community many times, but they had no effect and had to find the media to expose it.

After receiving help from the high-level owners, the reporter also went to the community on July 6 to learn about the situation. When he knocked on the first floor to learn about the situation, no one was at home on the first floor. However, the high-level officials thought that the first floor did not come forward to explain. When the reporter came, she saw the first floor owner go home. Then the reporter and the high-level officials went to the community to learn about the situation and see how the elevator could be constructed smoothly.

In the on-site community, another agreement was taken out to disagree with the installation of elevators. It was signed by many owners below the third floor. However, these owners had signed and agreed before. Only the first floor disagreed from beginning to end. The high-level owners did not approve this signature. After all, it was after the installation of elevators that these low-level owners repented and disagreed.

There is no way for the community to do this either. According to the process, the lower level has the right to deny one vote. Now it is stuck in the lower level and does not agree with this. The subsequent community will continue to do the ideological work of the lower level owners, striving for the elevator to resume construction as soon as possible so that the elderly and children at the upper level can travel conveniently. This is the end of the matter.


Although the installation of elevators is harmful to the interests of the lower floors, from this point of view, it is indeed the fault of the lower floors. If you don't agree to install elevators, you just don't want to install them at the beginning, instead of signing a sign that you don't agree, but the installation doesn't block it. This will only make the top management think it is agreed, otherwise it won't stop the installation.

In the later period, when the elevator was installed, several low-rise owners began to go back on their word again. This was not enough for Wu De. However, there was no need for the high-rise officials to worry about it. They just went to the court to sue. When several low-rise officials learned of the loss of 170000 yuan, they needed to bear the loss. I believe they will agree to the installation, but it is really difficult to solve the problem on the first floor.

The first floor has never said that it agrees to install, and the signature is also a sign that it does not agree. Although it says that it does not block the installation, the literal meaning is quite vague. If the first floor complains to the community, it can be said that it does not block as long as people do not do damage. According to the regulations on installing elevators, the first floor has a veto. Without her consent, the elevator will eventually not be built.

I would also like to remind the senior management who want to install elevators that when soliciting the opinions of the owners, it is best to do all of them in place and let the owners of the whole building sign and agree. Similar to disagreeing and not blocking, there is likely to be problems in the later period. Even if you go to the court to complain, there is a high probability that the other party will not be allowed to compensate for the loss of construction investment.

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