In an elevator tragedy that should not have happened, the woman was trapped in the mezzanine and tortured to death for five days.



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In an elevator tragedy that should not have happened, the woman was trapped in the mezzanine and tortured to death for five days.

On August 14, 2021, a 48-year-old middle-aged woman surnamed Chen, who was also the victim of the tragedy, walked into a 12-story building called "Zushi Tianxia" in Taipei County. On this day she will go to the fifth floor of the building, a psychiatric nursing home for post-examination. In particular, the victim was a patient with mild mental illness in her early years. Before the incident, she had been treated in this nursing home for a long time. And this sanatorium has both a medical area and an accommodation area. Those who are willing to stay here for a long time can be treated while staying. If you don't want to stay here, or if you are in good condition, you usually come here only when you need treatment.

The victim has been treated before, and his physical and behavioral state has improved, so he has been living at home with his family. Only when she has regular check-ups and treatments will she come back to the sanatorium. Because her body had almost returned to normal before the incident, on the day of the incident, her family did not accompany her. She entered the building alone and prepared to take the elevator to the fifth floor.

The 12-story building is a multi-functional building, that is, some floors are inhabited by residents, and some floors are purchased or rented by businesses for other needs. Among them, this business on the fifth floor opened this psychiatric nursing home on the fifth floor.

According to the normal steps and time, the victim will take the elevator to the fifth floor, from the elevator door opened on the first floor, and then take the elevator to the fifth floor, a set of procedures down, 30 seconds will not be used, let alone The victim has been to this building countless times before. Therefore, the victims of this day are also very relaxed. At least from the monitoring images in the lobby on the first floor and in the elevator, when the victim enters the elevator, his expression and state are very relaxed, which is completely normal.

But it was also because the victim was too relaxed that when she chose the elevator floor button, she made a small mistake casually: she had to press the button on the fifth floor, but she pressed the button on the sixth floor, and then in the process of the elevator rising, the female victim did not realize that she had pressed the wrong button at all.

And this inadvertent mistake caused her to collapse after half a minute, and she was tortured alive for five days before she died!

Less than half a minute later, the elevator door opened again, but with the opening of the elevator door, the scene outside the elevator made the victim feel confused. Because she was surprised to find that after the elevator door was opened, there was a closed iron door within half a meter of the elevator. However, she often went to this building and often reached the fifth floor. She clearly remembered that the sanatorium on the fifth floor did not have this iron gate?

And the victim's doubts are also reasonable, because at this time the elevator rose to the sixth floor where she had never reached, so of course she had never seen this big iron gate set on the periphery of the elevator. But the terrible thing is that the victim at this time did not realize that she was on the wrong floor. After seeing an iron gate in front of her, she subconsciously stepped out of the elevator and was ready to open the iron gate. Just as she walked out of the elevator and stood in the narrow space between the outside of the elevator and the iron door, the distance was only 40cm, the catastrophe happened!

The victim walked out of the elevator and subconsciously wanted to open the iron door, and at this time two unexpected things happened to the victim:

1. Since the elevator has reached the floor and the victim also walked out of the elevator, the elevator door began to close automatically again, and the female victim was isolated from the elevator.

2. According to the later deduction, after the female victim walked out of the elevator, she would definitely subconsciously want to open the iron gate, but at this time she was horrified to find that the iron gate had been locked. At this time, she could not open the iron gate at all, and the elevator behind her was also closed! In other words, the victim was caught alive between the iron gate and the elevator! The surveillance in the elevator also captured the image of the victim's elevator door automatically closing after getting out of the elevator, and the footage of the female victim was temporarily over.

I believe that many people have begun to feel depressed when they see here. You must know that there is only a 40cm distance between the iron gate and the elevator door. An adult is caught here, and he can't squat or lie down. Always keep standing. If it were you, how would you save yourself under such unfavorable circumstances?

I believe many people will give these two answers: shout to the building owner on the sixth floor, let him come out to open the iron gate, press the elevator up or down button again, let the elevator door open again, so that he can return to the elevator!

At least for normal people, these are the two most basic ways to save themselves, and at this time, although the victim is out of the surveillance camera, it is believed that the victim trapped in the iron gate will also use these two ways to save himself. But what is more depressing is that perhaps in the next few minutes, the female victim will know the two more broken facts:

1. Since the entire six floors of this building are owned by the owner of the sixth floor, in order to avoid disturbance in his early years, he set up this iron gate outside the elevator without authorization in violation of safety rules in order to prevent outsiders from invading. For the convenience of going upstairs and downstairs, the door frame of the iron gate is just set within the elevator button. In other words, if you stand from the perspective of the female victim at this time, the elevator button on the sixth floor related to her life and death is set outside the iron gate. The narrow gap in the iron door made her hand trapped in the iron door unable to touch the elevator button.

2. What is equally fatal is that the owner of the sixth floor moved to another city long ago, and the whole sixth floor is completely idle, that is to say, there is no second living person in the whole floor.

And here, did you feel the victim's desperation at the time? Want to get back to the elevator? No way! Want to get out of the iron gate? No way! I tried to call the sixth floor occupants to help, but there was no one on the sixth floor!

Since she did not reach the nursing home on the fifth floor, the staff of the nursing home did not know that she was trapped upstairs, and the victim of this day did not carry a mobile phone, and she could not call for help. The relatives who stayed at home did not know that she had gone to the wrong floor. At this time, the female victim has been trapped in an area that no one knows.

What makes everyone even more cold is that the female victim died on the fifth day of being trapped, that is to say, in these five days, she did not drink a drop of water or eat a grain of rice, and even did not have the ability to sit down and lie down from the beginning to the end. She was caught in the middle with a standing posture, and then she died alive and trapped!

I believe that at this time, the victim's heart will have such a question: After being trapped for five days, don't the victim's family know how to find it? There is clearly a surveillance camera in the building. Didn't you notice that she went to the sixth floor when checking the surveillance? It can be said that as long as the surveillance is checked, the searchers can find her in the first place. How could the victim be trapped for five days and five nights, and finally tortured to death?

And the answers to these questions, I am afraid that many people, especially the families of the victims, beat their chests and stamped their feet. In fact, on the day of the incident, the victim's family came to the nursing home for the first time after discovering that the victim had not returned home. However, since the nursing home did not know that the victim would come on this day, let alone that she was trapped upstairs at this time, in the face of inquiries from the victim's family, the nursing home replied that the female victim did not come at all. Since the nursing home people enter and leave, there is no reason for the female victim to conflict with the nursing home, and then the possibility of distress.

Therefore, after receiving the reply from the nursing home, the family members of the female victim immediately mistakenly believed that the female victim was likely to have a relapse on the way out and went to other places in a trance. Therefore, no one chose to continue searching in this building, and no one thought that the surveillance video of this building should be checked. Over the next seven days, the victims' families kept searching in various areas around the building, and even the police who assisted them in their search were led astray by them. But they never thought that the victim was still in the building, tragically sandwiched between the iron door and the elevator, waiting for the rescue of others.

But unfortunately, until her death, she did not see hope for herself. On the seventh day of the incident, her body was found, and this was also because of an accident.

Seven days later, an old man walked into the building to reach the seventh floor. After entering the elevator, perhaps God was destined to let him find the truth. The same careless old man muddleheaded pressed the button on the sixth floor. Less than half a minute later, the old man saw the most terrifying scene in his life:

When the elevator came to the sixth floor, when the old man was completely unprepared, with the opening of the elevator door, a stinking female body outside the elevator suddenly fell into the elevator. What is even more frightening is that because the female victim has been dead for many days, her body has shown a certain degree of stiffness. Therefore, after the elevator was opened, the body of the female victim did not lie upright on the ground, but fell to the side of the elevator door in a kneeling posture. Because her body was stuck between the elevator doors, the elevator doors were naturally delayed to close due to the characteristics of the elevator.

Let's imagine the picture. Suppose you are in an elevator, and the elevator door suddenly opens, and then a corpse suddenly leans against the elevator and gets stuck in the elevator door. You can't get out of the elevator, and you can't let the elevator go down. The corpse in front of you can't get out of your sight. What kind of feeling is that?

From the monitoring screen, the sudden attack also scared the old man to death on the spot. Facing the current situation, the old man in the elevator was directly scared to move. But the current situation can not be deadlocked. After hesitating for a long time, the old man finally chose to drag the body into the elevator, and then quickly pressed the descending elevator. This sensational elevator trapping incident happened.

Later, after investigation, it was learned that the iron gate was not set by the current owner on the sixth floor, but by the former owner before he bought it. The former owner was a Taoist monk earlier and was usually set up to prevent outsiders from disturbing him. After selling the sixth floor house to the new owner many years ago, since the new owner also moved out soon, he did not think too much about tearing down the iron gate, but it was precisely this iron gate that created a tragedy that should not have happened.

In the end, the new owner compensated the victim's family with NT $700000, while the original owner compensated the victim's family with NT $1 million. This tragedy that should not have happened finally came to an end.

However, during the later investigation, the investigators found another incomprehensible thing. After on-site testing, they found that the sound insulation effect of the building was not good. If you shout loudly on the sixth floor, the residents on the fifth and seventh floors can hear you completely, but during the five days when the victim was trapped, the residents on both floors reported that they did not hear any abnormal sound. Could it be that the trapped victim relapsed in the process, causing himself to forget to shout?

But it does not rule out another possibility, that is, the residents on the fifth and seventh floors have heard other people's cries for help, but they did not take them seriously, but they did not know that they were two floors at this time. Between the buildings, there is another victim waiting for rescue pitifully. Afterwards, when they learned of the tragedy, they could only emphasize that they had heard nothing without conscience!

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