How to break a "broken leg" after going through a procedure? The installation of elevators in this community has gone through three hurdle steps.



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How to break a "broken leg" after going through a procedure? The installation of elevators in this community has gone through three hurdle steps.

When will our elevator be built? "The blue construction fence in front of the building has been standing for more than a year, but there is no movement, and the residents who don't know the inside story are a little worried. The average age of the residents of Unit 2, Building 6, Lixi District, Hubei Province is over 60 years old, and the oldest is nearly 90 years old. Everyone is looking forward to getting on the elevator early to solve the problem of getting up and down the stairs. From the end of 2019 until now, the intention has been signed and the construction personnel have entered the site, but the elevator has not "emerged" from the ground. Originally, the elevator in the installation process encountered many unexpected difficulties. Resident promoters and elevator installation units have finally passed the most difficult hurdle. The new elevator is expected to be installed within 60 working days.

The concrete pool is added in the deep-dug elevator foundation pit to solve the problem of water seepage.

a smooth start

Residents unanimously agree

"I am 54 years old this year, and most of the people living in the building I have to call my uncle and aunt." A sentence from Mr. Huang, a resident, not only reveals the age structure of the residents in the building, but also implies the sadness of the difficulty of the old people getting up and down the stairs. Like most old communities without elevators, the old people living in Building 6 in the West District of Hubei Province, who climb the stairs every day, wheeze and breathe, and can't get home without a few breaks.

Mr. Huang lives on the 6th floor, which is the highest level of this building. The old father suffered from two sudden illnesses and needed four or five people to carry it downstairs. The scene is still vivid. With more and more media reports on the installation of elevators in old buildings, in 2019, Mr. Huang came up with the idea of installing elevators, and thus became one of the three residents of the unit.

"I always read such reports and know that the most difficult thing is to unify the opinions of the neighbors. After all, it is a matter of spending money. If some residents do not agree, it is really difficult. This is the first" hurdle "to take '." Mr. Huang said that although he had concerns at that time, he was still willing to give it a try. Just in time for the implementation of "one policy, one policy", the difficulty has been reduced a lot.

"Apart from having good policies, I still have some popularity." The No. 6 building of Lixi District, Hubei Province, is the dormitory building of the former Beijing Municipal Bureau of materials and supplies. The people who live in the building are all the old employees of the original property right unit. Mr. Huang belongs to the children of the employees. He has some confidence in his heart, "they are all people who watch me grow up. On the one hand, the old people can listen to my words, on the other hand, everyone has this demand."

Mr. Huang contacted xx Company, the installation unit of the elevator, and got the residents' intention form. He went door-to-door to do the work. The results were obtained within a month, and the residents of Unit 2 did not object. Mr. Huang said that he was particularly grateful to the two houses on the first floor. The installation of elevators did not bring any benefits to them, but they also signed happily.

There are a total of 12 households in Unit 2, only one of which is a new neighbor who moved in later. This new neighbor understands the difficulties of the elderly very well. Not only does he not object, he also becomes the initiator of the installation of elevators and studies relevant procedures and policies with Mr. Huang. The desire to install an elevator is getting closer and closer to its realization.

At the end of 2019, the elevator installation unit went to the Dongcheng District Housing and Construction Committee for the record. After the confirmation letter for the elevator installation pilot was issued, the elevator installation project for Unit 2, Building 6, Lixi District, Hubei Province, was officially approved. Mr. Huang breathed a sigh of relief. "It's not a waste of time. It's really smooth. The uncles and aunts are very happy to know that the elevator is about to be installed."

sharp turn

Do a procedure to "break a leg"

In the first year of 2020, the sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia has had a huge impact on normal production and life, and the elevator installation project of Building 6 in the West District of Hubei Province was stranded because the epidemic could not be constructed. It was not until the second half of the year that the installation of elevators was put on the agenda again. Little imagine, the front is not the dawn, a "snag" followed.

There are gas pipelines, tap water pipelines and sewage pipelines in front of the old building. The excavation of the elevator foundation pit involves the transformation of the "three lines", of which the most important and first thing to change is the gas pipeline. The elevator installation unit began to run the procedures only to find that this was a long "marathon".

"Changing gas is much more cumbersome than changing tap water and sewage pipelines." According to the person in charge of the elevator installation project, first of all, the property right unit of the residential building needs to show the title certificate and seal to confirm the ownership of the property right, then the property right unit needs to issue a power of attorney for gas renovation, and finally a certificate is needed-the residential building equipped with the elevator belongs to normal residential buildings rather than illegal construction. "The third procedure is the most difficult, because we all don't know who to find for this certificate."

In fact, since 2016, with the continuous blessing of the encouragement policy, the approval process for installing elevators in old buildings has been further simplified, and many certificates have been canceled. Naturally, no corresponding authority and responsibility department can be found. In order to issue a "non-illegal construction" certificate, the elevator installation unit first found the planning department and was told that the installation of elevators was already a "green channel". The planning department did not issue this certificate. Then I looked for the territorial streets and learned that the territorial also did not have this functional authority. Finally, the elevator installation unit repeatedly communicated with the original property right unit of the residential building, and was rejected at first because of lack of authority.

After grinding for half a year, repeatedly studying the policy and making six visits, the staff's persistence finally moved the original property right unit of building 6 in the west district of young Hubei province, and the three procedures were finally completed. At the beginning of this year, the renovation project of the gas pipeline in front of the building was officially implemented, and the installation of elevators was finally in sight.

Meet the problem again

Why is the foundation pit always wet

In May this year, after the renovation of all pipelines in front of the building was completed, the construction of installing elevators was on the right track. The installation unit conducted geological survey according to the design drawing and the results were normal. Although a small amount of water was found in the soil, the construction was not affected. However, after digging 1.5 meters under the foundation pit, an unprecedented problem is in front of us.

"The foundation pit began to seep water, always wet." The project manager Zhang Qi saw this situation and was a little worried. The initial judgment is whether there is a branch line of tap water pipe in the surrounding area. If the pipe leaks, it will be more troublesome, because the pipeline arrangement in front of the old residential building is complicated, and it is difficult to find out where the leakage is.

Zhang Qi said that after observing for a period of time, it was not like the tap water pipe was leaking. "If the tap water pipe burst, there will definitely be soil loss due to water erosion after a long time, but now it is only that the soil layer is wet and slowly Seepage water, there is no sign of running water."

However, this result does not mean that we can breathe a sigh of relief and rule out the possibility of water leakage in the water pipe. What is more worrying is that groundwater has been dug. If it is really groundwater, we will not dare to dig deeper, and a whole set of design plans will be "ruined.

When he was bored, Zhang Qi wandered around and accidentally discovered a new situation. Building 6 in the west district of Youth Hubei is adjacent to two major parks, with Youth Lake Park in the south and Liuyin Park in the north. Both parks have lakes. Zhang Qi visually observed that the water in the two lakes was also roughly 1.5 meters below the ground, and immediately he had a new guess.

"The moisture in the soil layer is not excluded from being related to these two lakes. If the pit is not dug at ordinary times, the pressure in the ground is balanced, and after the pit is dug, there is a loss of pressure, and the water has the property of flowing to the place with low pressure, so the soil layer around the pit will be wet. If the soil layer can be plugged up and the pressure restored, the water will not seep over again." Flag analysis.

As a result, Zhang Qi led the construction personnel to continue digging. When the foundation pit was dug to 2 meters, the construction personnel found that the soil layer below was dry and the seepage layer only existed 1.5 meters below the ground, which was consistent with Zhang Qi's prediction. It seems that this difficulty can be overcome without any danger.

On June 25, a new construction plan was born. The construction workers dug the foundation pit to 3.5 meters deep, and then built a concrete pool in the foundation pit. The concrete wall closely fits the inner wall of the foundation pit, which solves the problem of water seepage. At the same time, it also balances the soil pressure. After three times of pouring, by the end of June, this special new elevator foundation pit was finally completed. Zhang Qi said that in the case of installing elevators in the old community he handled, such difficulties and this special method were the first time.

Final Sprint

Material handling and hoisting mainly rely on manual

After overcoming difficulties, the new elevator of Unit 2, Building 6, West District, Hubei Province, will soon be erected. Will there be any "hurdles" later? Zhang Qi said, the answer is yes, some new difficulties have been expected, but after so many storms, the final "hurdle" must be overcome.

The gate of Building 6 in the west district of Youth Hubei is quite special. It is a door opening "dug out" from the downstairs of a street-facing resident. The visual height is less than 3 meters, which means that large construction vehicles cannot drive in. "The handling and hoisting of materials can only be done manually." Zhang Qi said, taking the steel structure as an example, the steel beam of the external elevator was originally 6 meters long. If the installation is carried out manually with a small lifting machine, the length of the steel beam needs to be reduced to 3 meters, the labor cost of handling and lifting will increase, and the welding workload will almost double.

"There is more rain this summer, and the weather should also be considered." Zhang Qi said that the welding operation is large, and the process needs to keep the steel beam dry. If the steel beam is wet by rain, the welding operation will bring potential safety hazards. "It is expected that the new elevator will be installed within 60 working days and meet the completion acceptance standard."

Reporter's Notes

Don't let the formalities get stuck.

The process of installing elevators in Building 6, Li West District, Hubei Province, a youth, can be described as twists and turns, but it is also lucky. During the visit, the reporter learned that there is also an elevator in the surrounding residential building, but because it is stuck in the hand, there has been no progress in two years.

The installation of elevators in old buildings is an important livelihood project in Beijing, and it is also an intimate project to benefit the people. It not only enjoys government subsidies, but also continues to have policy blessing. In 2016, the "Guiding Opinions on the Addition of Elevators to Existing Multi-storey Residential Buildings in Beijing" was issued, which greatly simplified the approval process; in 2019, the "One Policy" initiative alleviated the difficulty of unifying residents' opinions. The problem of repeated failure of the plan; in 2020, the "Work Manual for the Comprehensive Renovation of Old Residential Areas in Beijing" further clarified that the installation of elevators in existing multi-storey residential buildings will no longer be rejected by one vote, double 2/3 owners agree and other owners do not hold objections can be implemented ...... With the installation of the old building elevator facing many problems have been solved one by one, the residents get more and more benefits, Huimin project deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

However, we also see that the number of nearly 2000 new elevators is not much from the huge demand. At present, there are still many new obstacles that hinder the installation of elevators in old buildings. The difficulty of procedure is one of them. For example, as long as the process involves the issue of property rights, because the regulations are not uniform, endless proof materials do not know who will open it, let alone whether it is necessary to open it. Some old property rights units "shut down and turn around" with the development of the times, the flow of official seals is difficult to track, and one less chapter may lead to the whole procedure running in vain......

Residents hope that government departments can further study and eliminate the constraints on policies and regulations, so that the "rules and regulations" of relevant units can be seamlessly connected, so that the procedures will be more simplified and convenient, and the people's livelihood of installing elevators will be more practical and better.

Source: Beijing Daily

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