Craftsman | Yu Kunzhi: Dedicated to work, diligent in work, respectful to work, and skilled in technique



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Craftsman | Yu Kunzhi: Dedicated to work, diligent in work, respectful to work, and skilled in technique



Yu Kunzhi, a member of the Communist Party of China. Graduated from Zunyi Aerospace Industry School with a major in mechatronics in 1996. After graduation, I have been working at Guizhou Zhonghang Elevator Co., Ltd. and have successively engaged in elevator installation, maintenance, sales, inspection, and other work. I currently hold the position of Director of Technical Support Department at the Engineering Center, and have been engaged in the elevator industry for over 20 years.

Honors received

In the 2016 National Second "Elevator Maintenance Worker Vocational Skills Competition" Finals, the representative team won the third prize for the team, the third prize for individual excellence, and the first place in the defense item;

In 2016, the "Guizhou Equipment Manufacturing and Electronic Information Industry Employee Vocational Skills Competition" won the first place as an elevator maintenance worker;

Received the title of "Guizhou Province Technical Expert" in 2016;

Received the Guizhou May Day Labor Medal in 2016;

In the 2017 China Skills Competition - "Luban Cup", the first national elevator installation and maintenance worker vocational skills competition won the individual third prize.



Before we met, I was curious about Yu Kunzhi. What kept him in the same position for so long? What made him still passionate about this job for over 20 years?

He said: Because of love. After so many years of sedimentation and personal experience, it is fortunate that his gains and efforts are proportional. Whether it's marketing, sales, or management, Yu Kunzhi has his own insights and summaries. Summary is the analysis of the previous work and also the beginning of the next work. By summarizing, we can clarify the next direction of work, avoid detours, make fewer mistakes, and improve work efficiency.



At the beginning of his work, like all newcomers, he lacked skills and experience in the field of work, and faced numerous difficulties in the early stages. But he did not give up on himself, but kept telling himself, "Technology is practiced, experience is accumulated.". During the work process, he continuously learns new technologies and processes in his spare time, actively thinks and sets clear goals for himself. He applies theory to practice and continuously improves his professionalism. The emperor does not disappoint those who have intentions. With his efforts, he was able to independently repair elevators in just over a year. During the maintenance process, he made decisive improvements to areas where the design was unreasonable and affected the stable operation of elevators, thereby reducing the failure rate of elevators and ensuring their safe and reliable operation. Nowadays, facing the problem of elevator malfunctions, there is basically nothing he cannot solve.


"Timely feedback and serious responsibility" is the most basic attitude of Yu Kunzhi towards work. He said: When facing problems, we should learn to be flexible and proactive in finding the root cause, and not magnify or sustain small problems. According to his recollection, during an elevator inspection and debugging process, the elevator at a construction site in Zunyi could not be used normally after installation. Although other personnel had been arranged to handle it before, the effect was minimal. To solve this problem, the company arranged for him to go and investigate. During the investigation process, Yu Kunzhi worked and pondered, first eliminating various factors that affect the normal operation and comfort of the elevator caused by mechanical parts, and then changing the suspension position of the compensation chain and other factors that affect the operation effect; After some inspection and adjustment, the operating effect has improved slightly, and the abnormal noises during operation have been basically eliminated. At that moment, a sense of achievement filled my heart.

His attitude towards sales is to treat people with sincerity and trust. In 2006, due to work needs, the company arranged for him to go to the Bijie office and be fully responsible for the office work, improving elevator after-sales service. Prior to this, he mainly worked in a technical position and knew nothing about sales. But he always believed that "new things are learned over time". Through continuous exploration and learning, after ten years, Tianyi Company (predecessor of Guizhou Zhonghang Elevator Co., Ltd.) increased its ownership of elevators in Bijie from 7 in 2006 to over 100 in early 2016, achieving a profit of about 5 million yuan for the company. He said: The most important thing about sales is: don't put too much emphasis on money, don't be too meticulous in doing things, learn to think from the perspective of customers, and think from their perspective in order to gain their support and trust.

In terms of management, he believes that "institutionalization and standardization are very important". Without rules, there is no square. For different positions with different positioning, clear systems should be established to ensure smooth processes, in order to enhance persuasiveness and ensure the continuous development of subsequent work. At the same time, attention should be paid to cultivating versatile talents, focusing on both technology and theory, in order to meet the practical needs of enterprises and promote personal growth and progress.

Happiness is created by oneself. He said: The happiness of flowers is to grow vigorously facing the sunshine every morning, and my happiness is to gain something from work every day. We are all ordinary people, but as long as we conscientiously do our job well, do our best and fulfill our duties in our positions, our self-worth will definitely be realized.

Yu Kunzhi's years of work experience have taught us a truth: focus on your own things, persist in your work, respect your profession, master your skills, and success will come sooner or later.


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