Classic Project | AVIC Elevator Enters Chengdu Huafan Jundi



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Classic Project| AVIC Elevator Enters Chengdu Huakan Jundi

Recently, AVIC Elevator, with its perfect product design, provides the Chengdu Huakan Jundi construction project21 ZHKW elevators create a safe and comfortable travel environment for local residents to meet their pursuit and yearning for exquisite life.

Huachan Jundi is located in Shibantan Street, Xindu District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. The construction land of the project is divided into two parts, with one land area.9659.61 square meters, with a floor area of about 3040.25 square meters, equipped with indoor and outdoor sports, exercise equipment and other facilities, the overall design is concentrated in a building body, which faces the road layout to the north, echoes with the kindergarten and farmers' market planned in the region, forming a centralized effect. The second plot covers an area of 28273.78 square meters, with a total construction area of about 77510.14 square meters, which is a pure residential project. The overall planning adopts a multi-courtyard layout, the internal space of the courtyard is connected with each other. The overall greening will arrange multiple spaces in linear series. The overall design adopts barrier-free design. Through the adjustment of the elevation of the general plane road, it is convenient for the disabled to pass.

In recent years, with modern skills and technology, high-quality products and perfect service, AVIC Elevator has won the favor of many customers, and its products are well-known throughout the country and exported to overseas. In the future, AVIC Elevator will continue to upholdThe spirit of "passion, innovation and transcendence" focuses on improving product technology and services to provide users with safe and reliable vertical transportation solutions.


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