Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd. Public Recruitment Staff Interview Notice



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Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd. Public Recruitment Staff Interview Notice

According to the "Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd.On September 6, 2021, our company announced the written examination results and the list of interviewers. The interview matters are hereby notified as follows:

1. interview time: September 11, 2021

2. interview place: Ping 'an Avenue, Honghuagang District, Zunyi City (4th Floor, Zunyi Yiyangyuan Kangyang Center)

Notes for 3. interviewers:

I (I) bring my original ID card and admission ticket to attend the interview.

On the day of the (II) interview, they will wait for verification in the waiting room before 7:40. They will draw lots at 8:00 on time. Interviewers who have not arrived at the designated waiting room at 8:10 will be deemed to have abstained automatically and will be held responsible.

It is (III) forbidden to carry any communication tools. If you have already carried them, turn off the power and label them to the examination staff for safekeeping after entering the waiting room. After the interview, you can collect them at the designated waiting room. If it is found that there are still communication tools that have not been handed in after the drawing of lots is started, the interview qualification shall be disqualified for violation of discipline.

According to the arrangement of the examination staff, the (IV) will take part in the interview sequence drawing in turn and sign the "Interviewer Sequence Form", keep the drawing number properly, and enter the examination room for the interview with the drawing number and examiner's certificate.

During the waiting period, (V) should wait patiently, do not leave the waiting room without authorization, do not make loud noises and discuss; if they need to go to the bathroom, they will be accompanied by staff of the same sex with the consent of the reporting staff. Contact and talk with others.

(VI) when the former interviewer is interviewing, the latter interviewer should be prepared. After entering the interview examination room, the interviewers can only report their examination room number and drawing number to the examiner, and cannot report their names and applicants, otherwise they will be disqualified for the interview.

During the (VII) interview, carefully understand and answer the questions raised by the examiner, and pay attention to the rhythm and time of answering the questions. After answering, you should say "Answer finished".

After the (VIII) interview, the liaison officer will lead him to the designated waiting room to wait. After listening to the interview results and receiving the "Interview Results Notice", he will leave the examination site and is not allowed to stay at the examination site.

(IX) consciously abide by the examination discipline, respect the examiner and the examination staff, obey the command and arrangement of the examination staff, and keep the waiting room clean and hygienic.

Wear masks throughout the (X) waiting and interview and follow the epidemic prevention requirements.


Contact number: 0851-28688635 (Administration & Personnel)

Source: AVIC Elevator Administration Personnel Department


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