Classic Project | AVIC Elevator Enters Yunnan Huafeng International Mall



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Classic Project| AVIC Elevator Enters Yunnan Huafeng International Mall

Recently, Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to"AVIC Elevator") successfully settled in with considerate service and high-quality products.YunnanHuafeng International Mall. For local residents to provide comfortable, safe, intelligent, environmentally friendly, convenient and perfect way to travel.

Huafeng International Mall is located in Mangshi, Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan Province. The surrounding living facilities are perfect and the environment is beautiful. The east side is Mangshi Open College, and the south side is multi-storey residential buildings and shops along the street. Emphasis on general layout of the project"People-oriented", combined with site planning, reasonable organization of people and traffic flow, in the traffic organization to form a human-oriented traffic system that people and traffic flow do not interfere with each other; focus on environmental design, each residence has an independent green landscape regulations. The overall layout of "dense, high and low scattered" approach, in a limited area to meet the various needs of household life.

In recent years, AVIC Elevator has covered all parts of the country and even exported overseas through internal quality and external market expansion. In the future, AVIC Elevator will continue to upholdThe enterprise spirit of "passionate forge ahead, innovation and transcendence", with an indomitable attitude of struggle, vigorously carry out technological research and development, vigorously improve service levels, and achieve sustainable high-quality development!


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