This summer, it's a little sweet.



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Since the beginning of summer, the temperature has been rising day by day, and AVIC Elevator Company has entered a critical period of high temperature, scorching heat, catching up with production and ensuring quality. In order to effectively prevent heatstroke and cool down, ensure the health and personal safety of the majority of employees during the production process during the high temperature period, and maintain the normal production and operation order of the enterprise, on August 12, the party and government work group of AVIC Elevator Company organized and carried out the "Summer Cool" activity.

Against the scorching heat, Wang Qian, vice chairman of the AVIC Elevator Union, and Zhang Chi, secretary of the Youth League Committee, went to the production line to deliver cool drinks and summer melons and fruits to the employees. They expressed their heartfelt thanks to everyone for their hard work in their respective jobs under such scorching temperatures.


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