The leaders of the gold control group expressed their condolences to the front-line workers of AVIC elevator production.



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Since the beginning of summer, the temperature has risen, and the continuous high temperature has brought great "baking experience" to front-line employees ". On August 16, Zhu Junling, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Financial Holding Group, led a team to the production plant of AVIC Elevator and the site of the first-line installation project. He prepared summer fruits and cool drinks for the employees who stayed in the front line in the hot summer, and delivered them to the group company. A piece of sincere kindness.

At the scene of condolences, Zhu Junling expressed cordial greetings to the hard-working employees, learned in detail about everyone's production and life, heatstroke prevention and cooling, and labor protection, and asked everyone to pay attention to their health, combine work and rest, and prevent high temperature heatstroke; keep in mind the safety system and improve Safety awareness, and at the same time require relevant persons in charge to earnestly implement various measures to prevent heatstroke and cool down, further strengthen safety production, and earnestly do a good job safety protection, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees.

This condolence is like a cool breeze in summer, which not only brings coolness to the front-line employees in the scorching sun, but also makes the majority of employees feel the cordial care from the superior units. The employees were encouraged and expressed that they would stick to their posts in the continuous high temperature weather, do their job well with a full and pragmatic style, and make their own contributions to the development of the company.


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