Zunyi City Public Security Organs Involved in Epidemic Electric Fraud Police Situation and Multiple High-incidence Telecommunications Network Fraud Routines and Counter-speech



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Zunyi City Public Security Organs Involved in Epidemic Electric Fraud Police Situation and Multiple High-incidence Telecommunications Network Fraud Routines and Counter-speech

1. epidemic-related telecommunications network fraud police type.

Recently, domestic and overseas fraudsters rubbed against the hot spots of epidemic prevention and control in our city, posing as "staff", "flow dispatchers" and "investigators" of epidemic agencies to "health code" to turn green, buy special drugs, click on strange links, brush single to do tasks on the grounds of fraud.

Identification: scammers carefully set up scams related to the epidemic, seemingly convincing, but in fact, the origin is unknown, the routine is full, and some still make no sense.

Remember: anyone who induces to do tasks requires advance funds, has internal channels to invest, has preferential benefits to pay, and requires you to fill in bank card password verification code, must be fraud!

Types of Police Cases of Telecom Network Fraud in 2.

From January to September, the top 7 telecom network fraud cases in the city were: online part-time bill brushing, online loans and credit cards, fake shopping customer service refunds, online dating induced gambling and investment (pig killing), fake public security law, investment and financial management, telephone fake leadership, acquaintance fraud and other 7 types. These 7 types of cases are the most important types of telecommunications network fraud cases in our city this year, accounting for 85.28 percent of the city's telecommunications fraud cases.

First: online part-time job rebate fraud

Through recruitment websites (such as 58 city, etc.), tremolo, wechat, QQ, web pages, short messages and other channels to release recruitment information, brush orders to return commissions, to do part-time jobs at home, to make money with your fingers, to enter hundreds of hours, to enter thousands of days and other temptations, let you scan two-dimensional codes, click on short connections, or go to irregular shops to buy things, and the first few orders will give you small rebates, later, you will get a large amount of principal in the form of continuous orders and large orders, and then you will use various excuses to make you continue to brush the orders until you find out that you have been cheated. (Note: Now the swindler's tactics have changed a little. He has started the "one-shot" fraud method. He will use the seemingly very formal process of brushing orders to let you brush orders. However, after you brush an order, you will not return the commission directly and will disappear.)

A word to see through: let you carry out network brush single is fraud

Second: network loan fraud

Advertisements are sent through web pages, short messages, telephone calls and other forms, lured under the guise of unsecured, unsecured, simple procedures, fast lending, low interest, no need to provide credit, etc. After downloading the software, it will show that there is a balance but cannot be withdrawn, and then money will be defrauded by cost, membership fee, unfreezing fund, deposit, credit fund and so on.

A word to see through: Any online loan that lets you pay first is fraud.

Third: pretend to be online shopping customer service refund

The other party will know the information and odd number you have purchased, and then pretend to be customer service, express delivery, manufacturer, etc. to show that the things you have purchased cannot reach your hands due to certain circumstances (e.g. quality problems, lost express delivery, etc.) are willing to give you multiple compensation, let you leave the trading platform for trading, and let you operate the reserve fund and other functions in Alipay.

A word to see through: Anything that requires you to trade off the platform, mentioned multiple payouts, operating the reserve is fraud.

Fourth: online dating induced gambling and investment (pig plate)

The suspect packaged himself into a high-quality marriage object through various platforms for making friends, socializing, and marriage. After the victim had feelings for him through various means, he tricked the victim into participating in various "investments", including investing in heavy metals, futures, stocks, etc. Various types of investment (actually fake platforms, controlled by the victim), implement fraud on them.

A word to see through: Generally speaking, online dating is a fraud as long as it involves investment.

Fifth place: swindling as a public security law

The other party will claim to be the public security department, saying that you have committed a crime or that your identity information has been embezzled by others. They need your cooperation to verify whether your funds are safe, so that you can submit your bank card information to them, and then put the funds into the so-called "safe account". There are two points in the process that can be quickly identified. 1. Make phone calls, such as those who claim to be public security, and say that they will help you transfer to the bank (the public security department will not transfer the phone). 2. The public security and law departments will not handle cases on the phone, let alone mention property information and "secure accounts".

One word to see through: anyone who claims to be a public security department and says that you have committed a crime and need you to transfer money to a "safe account" is fraud.

Sixth place: investment and financial management

Most fraudsters will set up group chats through QQ, WeChat and tremolo. In the group chat, there will be a packaged "stock speculation/financial management master" to instruct the members of the group on how to operate, and will reveal that as long as they follow his direction to invest, they will definitely make money. There may be dozens or hundreds of people in this kind of group chat, but most of them are fraudsters themselves, with more than one person, directing and acting themselves, creating the illusion that they can really make money and deceiving the victims who are drawn into the group chat. There have been many cases of "the whole group playing and one person being cheated.

A word to see through: Any group chat about investment and financial management led by a master and earned money is a fraud.

Seventh: phone pretending to be a leader, acquaintance fraud

Use QQ, WeChat, SMS and email to pretend to be the boss of the company and financial personnel as friends, or set up QQ group leaders to talk about business together, and then ask financial personnel to carry out business transfer fraud.

A word to see through: for such fraud must be face-to-face or multi-party verification, do not accept QQ and other transfer instructions.

Please scan the code and pay attention to the WeChat public of Zunyi Public Security Anti-Telecom Network Fraud Center and download the APP of the National Anti-Fraud Center.   

Source: Zunyi City Market Supervision Administration


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