The elevator suddenly fell, and the Hangzhou female resident sat on the ground in fear after escaping safely.



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The elevator suddenly fell, and the Hangzhou female resident sat on the ground in fear after escaping safely.

"Just now I was riding in the communityElevatorWhen, the elevator suddenly fell, fortunately, I in the process of falling according to each layer to escape safely, is really a close call... "January 15 afternoon, Hangzhou reader Ms. Yuan to the hour news backstage for help, but also some panic: elevator failure is too scary!

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The hour news reporter then contacted her. Ms. Yuan lives on the 30th floor of a building in Dongfang Yuan, Taoyuan Town, Hangzhou. At about 3:30 pm on January 15, she bought some daily necessities to go home and took the elevator. Unexpectedly, the elevator suddenly fell, and the falling process was accompanied by shaking.

"I suddenly panicked and couldn't help screaming. But I told myself desperately in my heart that I should never panic." Ms. Yuan was calm and pressed the elevator floor that she could press in an emergency. At the same time, she rang the alarm bell in the elevator. She just had her mobile phone in her hand. She took the time to send out a help-seeking message among the community owners. "At that time, I really thought of all the ways I could think of, for fear that something would happen to me."

About a few seconds later, Ms. Yuan heard a sound from the alarm bell, and the other party also called.

"I heard the other side screaming that the power was off, and it was a female voice. As soon as the female voice fell, I saw the elevator door open, and I ran out quickly, because of the panic, my legs were limp and I sat on the ground." Ms. Yuan said.

The frightened Ms. Yuan immediately burst into tears, glad that she escaped safely and was not injured in the process of falling down the elevator. "I looked up and saw that the place where I got out of the elevator was on the 14th floor."

The property manager of Ms. Yuan's community also came to Ms. Yuan's side and sent Ms. Yuan back home.

On the morning of January 16, the hourly news reporter contacted the property manager. The other party replied: "It was afternoon and there was a sudden power outage. I immediately reported it to the project manager to find out the cause of the power outage. The power convenience feedback said that the power outage was caused by replacing a switch. Our property also immediately started to link the monitoring room to see if any personnel were trapped in the elevator. When I saw someone in the group saying that the trapped elevator ran out on the 14th floor, I rushed to the 14th floor to appease the owner and send the owner home safely... As for the cause of the elevator failure, I had to ask the relevant elevator company."

Later, the hour news reporter contacted the elevator company in charge of ms yuan by telephone--a certainThe elevator company. A staff member replied: "It was because of the power outage on the afternoon of the 15th, and the elevator would enter the leveling stage after the power supply was restored, so it would fall. We conducted a troubleshooting of the elevator, and it was indeed caused by the power outage."

(Note: The hourly news reporter learned that the meaning of "elevator leveling floor" means that the automatic leveling floor function will be activated when the elevator runs abnormally, and the door will be opened after landing at a slower speed to the designated floor, so as to facilitate the personnel in the elevator to get out of trouble.)

Regarding the elevator company's reply, Ms. Yuan said that she was puzzled: "The elevator should have a backup power supply in principle. If you say so, this kind of falling failure will occur every time the power is cut off, and the elevator will not dare to sit."

After Ms. Yuan escaped from the elevator, took a picture of the elevator.

In this regard, the elevator company personnel said: "The power outage itself is relatively rare. After the power outage, the elevator is in a stopped state. Only after the power supply is restored will the leveling floor be lowered. The speed is about 0.3 meters per second, and the lowering speed is not particularly fast. As for the backup power supply, the general home improvement elevator is rarely installed, as far as we know, this community is not installed. If necessary, you can contact us through the property for installation."

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