Beaming to welcome the resumption of work, Tiger force full open grasp production-China Airlines elevator to resume work.



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Joyful to welcome the resumption of work, Tiger force full start to grasp productionAVIC Elevator Resuming Work

People are diligent and spring comes early, and it is time to do solid work. On the morning of February 16, Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AVIC Elevator") was singing in the park. All employees of AVIC Elevator gathered in front of the office building to hold a grand resumption ceremony in 2022. I wish the company a prosperous production and a rising revenue in the new year!

In order to ensure the orderly progress of all work in the new year, AVIC Elevator has conducted safety training and business training for front-line production employees, elevator installation and maintenance employees, and sales employees respectively, laying a solid foundation for the company to complete its production and operation tasks in 2022.

Entering the production workshop of AVIC Elevator, the machine in the workshop is rumbling, the employees are skillfully operating in their respective positions, and all intelligent production lines are running at full speed. In the new year, everyone has devoted themselves to the busy production work with full enthusiasm, and strive to achieve "open door stability".

The clarion call for the start of the New Year has been sounded, and the new journey carries new dreams. All employees of AVIC Elevator will set off firmly with unstoppable momentum and full-strength posture, forge ahead with passion, innovate and surpass, strive together to achieve the company's 2022 production target, and greet the smooth convening of the 20th National Congress of the Party with excellent results!


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