Centennial old bridge with elevator



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   According to news from the Shanghai Road Transportation Center, Shanghai has made important progress in the practical project of installing elevators on existing bridges. Hengfeng Road and Bridge took the lead in completing the installation of two vertical elevators. It will be put into trial operation on March 1, becoming the first case of adding elevators on Suzhou River bridges.

Centennial old bridge with elevator
Hengfeng Road Bridge, formerly known as wooden truss structure, was built in the twenty-ninth year of Guangxu Qing Dynasty (1903), formerly known as Huitong Bridge. It has been demolished and rebuilt many times, and a reinforced concrete bridge was built in 1948. In 1987, a new bridge was built on its east side, named after Hengfeng Road.
Hengfeng Road Bridge is connected to Shimen No. 2 Road in the south and Hengfeng Road in the north. The main bridge is a prestressed concrete variable cross-section continuous box girder structure. The bridge is 570 meters long and 29.6 meters wide, of which the roadway is 23 meters wide and has two-way 5 lanes. There are non-motorized vehicle lanes and pedestrian ladders on both sides.
The residential areas around Hengfeng Road and Bridge are concentrated, with a strong commercial atmosphere, and it is about 250 meters away from the transfer hub of Hanzhong Road subway station (lines 1, 12 and 13), so there is an obvious need for citizens to walk across the bridge. Due to the navigation clearance requirements of Suzhou River Class IV waterway, the bridge beam body of Hengfeng Road is relatively high from the river surface, and the original pedestrian staircase is relatively narrow and steep. It is very difficult for the elderly, the disabled or pedestrians carrying heavy objects to go up and down the stairs.
In order to improve the barrier-free environment, enhance the soft power of Shanghai city and practice the concept of "people's city", in 2021, the city road transportation bureau and the city road transportation center will join hands with relevant departments of Jing 'an district to install elevators for hengfeng road and bridge from the perspective of urban renewal.

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   Coordination of the ladder scheme with the landscape on both sides of the Suhe River
Hengfeng Road and Bridge is a century-old bridge with a long history. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the elevator installation project, it not only ensures the structural safety of the bridge, but also meets the needs of barrier-free passage, and does not affect the overall style of "one river and one river". On the basis of the function and landscape improvement of Hengfeng Road and Bridge, the city road transportation center and the participating units have done a lot of preliminary research and scheme improvement.
First of all, be cautious in the location of the elevator. After many field surveys and repeated discussions by experts, after comparing the installation conditions on the east and west sides of the bridge, a number of points were selected for comparison and selection, and finally it was decided to install a vertical landscape elevator on the west side of the bridge closer to the residential area, especially the elevator location on the south side of the bridge is only one way away from the butterfly bay nursing home, providing more thoughtful and convenient services for the elderly to travel. In addition, the elevator is embedded in the original bridge pedestrian ladder platform, which will not affect the old bridge, but also far away from the Suzhou River landscape trail, nor will it affect the landscape on both sides of the Su River.
Secondly, the elevator shaft is embedded in the original bridge pedestrian ladder platform, and the space is narrow. The construction can be described as "a dojo in a snail shell". The stairwell needs to be structurally inspected and reinforced, and the surrounding houses need to be temporarily protected. During the foundation construction such as piling, pouring bearing platform, concrete retaining wall and frame column, the disturbance to the main structure of the bridge should be avoided, and many pipelines should be avoided. Keep a pedestrian ladder, to ensure that the elevator in the maintenance and other outages, pedestrians as usual up and down the bridge to cross the river. During more than two months of construction, the design and construction team of Shanghai Municipal Design and Research Institute achieved civilized construction and refined construction.
At the same time, each department supports each other in the construction coordination. Relevant units in Jing 'an District are very supportive of the elevator installation project on Hengfeng Road and Bridge. During the plan discussion stage, the Jing 'an District People's Congress, the Construction and Transportation Commission and the streets intervened in advance, organized a coordination meeting and went to the site to discuss the plan together. Before construction, the district diplomatic construction Committee, traffic police and other departments provided high-quality and efficient services in handling relevant construction procedures such as occupation, road excavation approval and filing. During construction, tianmu West Road Street and other relevant units have also actively done a good job in publicity and guidance to ensure the safe implementation of the project on schedule.

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Urban renewal brings new life and vitality to old facilities
The installation of elevators on Hengfeng Road and Bridge will start on November 15, 2021, the civil construction and elevator installation will be completed on January 15, 2022, and the equipment will be debugged in February. At present, it has passed the inspection of special equipment by relevant departments and will be put into trial operation from March 1.
The reporter saw on the spot that the two vertical landscape elevators put into operation this time have completely transparent glass curtain walls on their facades, which are very modern and concise. It is understood that the elevator selected this time is in accordance with the GB50763 standards of the Code for Barrier-free Design, using a 1.1-meter × 1.4-meter barrier-free elevator with a deadweight of 630 kilograms and a nuclear crew of 8 people. Facilities such as a fresh air system, video monitoring, Braille buttons, electronic speakers, etc. have been added to the elevator simultaneously. At the same time, the original pedestrian platform has also been renovated and reinforced, the pedestrian ladder has been renovated for aging, and railings, elevator position indicators, etc. have been added to create a friendly traffic environment suitable for aging and barrier-free.


Source: Xinmin Evening News

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