Elevator safety issues attract attention, "elevator maintenance + Internet of Things" has become a new model of elevator supervision.



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Elevator safety issues attract attention, "elevator maintenance + Internet of Things" has become a new model of elevator supervision.

For a long time, elevator safety problems occur frequently, causing the attention of the general public. With the further growth of elevator usage in China and the aging of elevators, the traditional elevator daily supervision mode is not only costly, but also has poor reproducibility. Coupled with the increasing cost of employment, the traditional elevator supervision model has been difficult to meet the daily needs, the urgent need for fresh blood injection, innovative changes in the elevator supervision model. In recent years, China's Internet of things industry has developed rapidly, and the General Administration of market supervision has issued the opinions on further improving the elevator maintenance mode and adjusting the elevator inspection and testing mode. The opinion pointed out that it is necessary to promote the transformation of elevator maintenance from fixed period and fixed items to on-demand maintenance, encourage the use of the new mode of "Internet of Things for elevator maintenance", and adopt targeted online supervision and offline on-site maintenance.

On-demand maintenance method

Maintenance shall be carried out according to the actual needs of elevators, and reference shall be made to the number of operations or mileage based on scientific basis. Maintenance shall be carried out on demand for different maintenance of new elevators and elevators over 10 years old.

Elevator maintenance electronic supervision system is a solution launched under the new mode of "elevator maintenance Internet of things", and it is a new means of RFID technology to ensure the implementation of laws and regulations. The daily maintenance, repair and troubleshooting information of the maintenance unit can be collected on site and transmitted to the quality supervision department and the corresponding inspection organization in a timely manner after summarizing. Through the system network, the inspection agency can comprehensively monitor the safe operation of the elevator and the work of the maintenance unit. The quality supervision department can also synchronize the work process of the supervision and inspection agency and the maintenance unit, so that the elevator safety supervision work is timely and efficient.

The whole process is completed intelligently. After mobile phone tracking and identification, the data is automatically entered into the elevator Internet of Things management platform, and the elevator Internet of Things platform analyzes the maintenance score according to the data model. Analysis and fault prediction of maintenance parts that have been used for many times. On-demand maintenance will restart the data algorithm and prompt the next maintenance.

Through the electronic supervision system, the elevator maintenance unit can instantly query the maintenance situation of all elevators in the unit and establish the electronic management file of elevator maintenance. The inspectors of the quality supervision department can see through the platform information whether the elevator maintenance unit carries out maintenance according to the specified time interval and project content, and deal with the violation.

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