The elevator suddenly failed! More than 10 people in Changsha were trapped for more than 2 hours.



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The elevator suddenly failed! More than 10 people in Changsha were trapped for more than 2 hours.

At 13:56 on April 8, the Shilingtang Fire Rescue Station of the Yuelu Fire Rescue Brigade received dispatch from the command center, saying that there were more than 10 people trapped in the elevator in Block B, Oaks Square Global Center, Yuelu District. After receiving the dispatch order, the fire station quickly dispatched an emergency rescue vehicle and 8 fire rescue personnel to the scene of the accident.

On the way out of the police, the firefighters got in touch with the trapped people by telephone. Upon inquiry, they learned that the elevator stayed on the third floor due to the failure of the elevator winch, and the elevator door could not be opened. They had been trapped for more than 2 hours, and the property company could not open it after arriving at the scene. Only then did they call 119 for help.

At 14:04, fire rescue personnel arrived at the scene. After investigation, it was found that 10 people were trapped in the elevator. The trapped floors were on the 3rd and 4th floors. Due to the hot weather, trapped for a long time, trapped people are more and emotionally unstable. The commander has been calling to appease the trapped people. Considering the poor ventilation conditions in the elevator and the long time of being trapped, it is likely to cause the trapped people to have difficulty breathing and fainting. After mastering the situation, the commander immediately issued a rescue order. Two firefighters followed the property maintenance personnel upstairs to check the elevator winch. Finally, with the cooperation of the maintenance personnel, the winch was slowly lowered step by step. After 20 minutes of intense rescue, the trapped personnel were successfully rescued.

Source: Xiaoxiang Morning Post

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