AVIC Elevator to Carry out High Voltage Switch Cabinet Principle Training



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AVIC Elevator to Carry out High Voltage Switch Cabinet Principle Training
In order to strengthen the understanding of the technical parameters related to the high-voltage switchgear by the complete set of technical personnel and assembly personnel of AVIC Elevator Company, on August 14, 2019, the company's complete set department used the existing KYN28-12 high-voltage switchgear to train the relevant technical personnel. The trainees listened carefully, actively asked questions about the problems encountered in daily operation, and the training teacher answered questions on the spot.
The main training contents of this training are:
1. KYN28-12 the structure and corresponding functions of high-voltage switchgear;
2. Electrical symbol, shape, function and corresponding installation position of primary components;
3. Electrical symbols, shapes, functions and corresponding installation positions of secondary components;
4. KYN28-12 five-proof function and mechanical interlocking of high-voltage switchgear;
5. Mechanical and electrical interlocking of secondary connector;
Through this training, the relevant technicians have a more comprehensive understanding of the daily operation and maintenance of the high-voltage control cabinet, improved job safety skills, and provided a guarantee for the company to further build a professional technical talent team.


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