I am a representative of the Party! Feng Guoshun, elevator installation and maintenance worker of Guizhou Zhonghang Elevator Co., LTD. : Ingenuity to guard "lifting" safety



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I am a representative of the Party! Feng Guoshun, elevator installation and maintenance worker of Guizhou Zhonghang Elevator Co., LTD. : Ingenuity to guard "lifting" safety

"The gap between the rail joints is not more than 0.5 mm"

"The deviation between gauge and verticality of the track does not exceed the standard"


10 hours a day to stay in the elevator shaft, climbing up and down, drilling before and after drilling, strictly abide by the rules, meticulously with instruments and equipment for more than 200 items accurate detection and record, this is Feng Guoshun's daily work.

Feng Guoshun, a representative of the 13th Provincial Party Congress and an elevator installation and maintenance worker of Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as AVIC Elevator), has made important contributions to the progress of elevator installation technology and has won the titles of "National Technical expert" and "Provincial May 1st Labor Medal".


In 2002, after graduating from the provincial Vocational and Technical College of Water resources and hydropower, Feng Guoshun entered the AVIC elevator and became an elevator installation and maintenance worker.

"At the beginning of my career, there were a lot of things I didn't understand, so I kept asking my master for advice and repeatedly trying to figure it out until I understood it." Feng Guoshun at work while reading and writing, after work combing summary, to ensure that every step can be memorized by heart, and use spare time to the reference room to borrow related books, consolidate the theoretical foundation.

What parts are in an elevator? How is the line controlled? How to solve the problem? At that time, Feng Guoshun went to and from work every day, even eating and sleeping.

The heart in a art, its art must work. It is precisely because of the "serious" strength of the work, Feng Guoshun quickly grew up and stood out among the same group of employees who entered the elevator of China Airlines.

Installation of elevators sometimes need to drill holes, sometimes need to weld parts, the environment is narrow and claustrophobic, Feng Guoshun often get dusty, covered in sweat, but he never relaxed, "elevator installation is a fine work, just parts there are thousands of, every step of the installation operation is related to human life, can not tolerate any carelessness."

In the spirit of "do a line, love a line, drill a line, fine line", in the elevator installation post, Feng Guoshun slowly from the "apprentice" to become a "leader", and now transferred to the elevator inspection post he has taken up the new mission of "elevator guardian".

"Elevator inspection and testing should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the safety technical specifications, any details can not be let go, in the eyes of the layman, a screw may be insignificant, but once there is a problem, it may have a fatal hidden danger." Mr. Feng said.

From the elevator room to the bottom of the pit, from the elevator control system to the main engine, emergency communication equipment, speed limiters, safety pliers, wire rope... Comprehensive inspection, item by item analysis, eliminate hidden dangers.

Elevator, this is only about 4 square meters of square inch, Feng Guoshun has been working hard for 20 years. He is familiar with the large and small parts of the elevator, a device or component, and even the tightness of every screw, there is nowhere to hide under his "fire eye".

"Whether it is elevator installation or inspection, it is not only a career for me, but also a heavy responsibility." Mr. Feng said.

From installation to detection, he deals with bolts, wrenches and elevator equipment every day, and the calluses on his hands are his MEDALS.

A good work adds honor to the body. By inheritance and study, by focus and sharpening. His rigorous, focused and striving for excellence work attitude has made Feng Guoshun a well-deserved "elevator agent" who has won many awards in international and national elevator skills competitions.

"In the future, relying on AVIC elevator model worker innovation Studio, I will use my technical skills and experience accumulated over the years to explore and cultivate more highly skilled talents in elevator installation, maintenance, inspection and testing through the way of 'transmission, help and belt'." Mr. Feng said.

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