Feng Guoshun: Show one's skill between square inches



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Feng Guoshun: Show one's skill between square inches

Shuttling in the elevator shaft for more than 20 years, he has trained an excellent skill to guard the safety of thousands of families in the square inch. He is Feng Guoshun, an employee of Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "AVIC Elevator").


When Feng Guoshun first entered the elevator industry, he had no knowledge of elevator expertise. In order to quickly familiarize himself with the business, he followed his master to the front line during the day, and under his master's guidance, he started installing elevators. At night, he self studied and researched. With a serious attitude towards work, Feng Guoshun quickly grew up.

After a period of sedimentation, Feng Guoshun began to be dispatched to the project site for elevator installation and maintenance. To this day, the scene of repairing the elevator for the first time still lingers in his memory.

At that time, one of the two elevators installed by the company in a hotel in Tongren City malfunctioned during use, and Feng Guoshun was arranged to go for repair.

Due to lack of experience, Feng Guoshun set the elevator to factory mode during the maintenance process, which caused the elevator to not operate normally. At that time, it was already past 1am, and Feng Guoshun, who was so anxious that he sweated profusely, called the company manager and the master, but couldn't get through.

In order to complete the task without causing any trouble for the normal operation of the hotel the next day, Feng Guoshun quickly calmed down and began to search for a solution. He flipped through the four to five hundred page elevator installation manual, page by page, until it was almost dawn when the elevator finally resumed operation under his debugging.

Since then, Feng Guoshun has become even more demanding of himself. With the spirit of "doing, loving, drilling, and refining", he has learned and trained in different positions, becoming an all-around elevator talent.

The inspection of elevators is the last checkpoint before they are handed over to users for use. When the inspector checks the verticality of the elevator door blade and guide rail, the measurement error of the plumb line should be within 1 millimeter, indicating that the elevator is safe. Feng Guoshun strives to reduce the deviation to within 0.5 millimeters, or even to no deviation.

To achieve this, one cannot do without the investment of time and energy. It takes at least three to four hours to inspect an elevator, using over a dozen tools from the elevator machine room to the pit, to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the elevator control system, host, emergency communication equipment, speed limiter, safety gear, steel wire rope, etc., analyzing and eliminating hidden dangers item by item.

So far, more than 600 elevators have been installed by Feng Guoshun, and almost every elevator installed by the company will participate in the final debugging and testing before being handed over to customers for use.

In recent years, Feng Guoshun has won numerous awards in various elevator skill competitions. In 2014, he won the second prize for individual excellence in the first National Elevator Installation Competition; In 2017, he won the first individual first prize in the "Luban Cup" National Elevator Installation and Maintenance Vocational Skills Competition of the China Skills Competition, and was awarded the title of "National Technical Expert" by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security; In 2018, he won the first prize in the "the Belt and Road" and BRICS Skills Development and Technological Innovation Competition, and was awarded the title of "Elevator Agent" by the mechanical industry elevator industry high skilled talent training base. In addition, Feng Guoshun was awarded the Guizhou May Day Labor Medal in 2018; Elected as a representative of the 13th Party Congress of Guizhou Province in 2022. In July of this year, Feng Guoshun was awarded the title of "Most Beautiful Grassroots Party Member" in Zunyi City in 2022.

The more honor, the greater the responsibility on one's shoulders. Nowadays, Feng Guoshun can often be seen explaining and imparting knowledge to employees in places such as the AVIC elevator operation base and model worker studios. He imparts his accumulated technical skills and experience over the years, and cultivates more skilled talents for society through "transmission, assistance, and guidance".

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