People's Daily Comments on Elevator Advertisements: "Medical Beauty, Beauty, Beauty," "Fruit, Cattle and Cattle". Have you ever been afraid of being dominated by elevator advertisements?



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People's Daily Comments on Elevator Advertisements: "Medical Beauty, Beauty, Beauty," "Fruit, Cattle and Cattle". Have you ever been afraid of being dominated by elevator advertisements?

 The British drama "Black Mirror" that exploded 10 years ago once described the future society in this way: people's living space is full of electronic screens, and they have to endure the torture of advertising for 24 hours. Ten years later, we can actually feel this situation in the elevator we use every day. Some netizens reported that the advertisements in the elevators in the residential area were unbearable. As a new form of commercial publicity with the development of the Internet, elevator advertising has experienced a "cliff-like decline" from happy to let it go, and then from disgust to hate. What is the reason behind it? Today we will talk about this matter.

As a new advertising medium, elevator advertising through door stickers, television, posters and other forms of advertising. In a small space, the viewing of "no escape from sight" and the meeting up and down several times a day have objectively improved the arrival rate of advertisements. In terms of cost, the price of elevator advertising is much lower than that of TV and Internet advertising, and there is more space for copywriting and video creation. Over the years, riding on the east wind of urbanization and real estate development, the elevator advertising industry has rushed all the way, occupying residential and office buildings in many cities. Many companies have emerged as the times require, and the industry was once hot.

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 However, whether it is hot-eyed pictures, shocking slogans or brainwashed music, the barbaric growth of elevator advertisements is disgusting many audiences. Objectively speaking, it is not easy to make advertisements deeply rooted in the hearts of the people in tens of seconds or a minute or two, so some advertisers choose to take the lead. From the content point of view, medical and beauty advertisements sell appearance anxiety, marriage and love advertisements sell single anxiety, and some even use vulgar copywriting and "edge ball" design to achieve the effect of "words are not surprising and death endlessly"; from the form, frequently repeated advertising words such as "medical beauty, beautiful beauty" and "fruit, cattle and cattle" use high-decibel sound to circulate dynamic soundtracks to brainwash the audience in a simple and crude way, disregard for the physical discomfort. Due to the large number of elevators, it is difficult to fully cover the supervision, and some advertisers take the opportunity to take advantage of the loopholes, making the negative news of elevator advertising frequently burst out, destroying the reputation of the industry.

The so-called success and failure, the characteristics of forced output have achieved the arrival rate of elevator advertising, but also deprived the audience of the right to choose, when the quality of advertising is poor, this conflict comes more obvious. For most people, watching advertisements is not a comfortable experience in itself. Now they are forced to watch junk advertisements because of the limitation of physical space. This feeling of not being able to say "no" is disgusting. We must see that the rapid development of the Internet gives people a very wide range of choices. It has long been a daily life to click on the content they like and remove the advertisements that they are not interested in. When one-way indoctrination and passive acceptance of advertising re-invades life, this sense of powerlessness further exacerbates people's resistance to elevator advertising.

Some people say: people hate is also a way to remember. This shows the underlying logic that elevator advertisements are not crude and eye-catching. However, the value of the so-called "high contact rate" is squeezed by means of shrugging people, but the quality of advertising is ignored, which is essentially caused by traffic thinking. Believes in "bad reputation is better than no reputation", and using stronger and more intuitive stimulation to win attention is by no means a clever medicine, but a bad trick of drinking poison to quench thirst. Especially nowadays, when the elevator advertising market is gradually saturated and some leading enterprises are not doing well, the industry should make more efforts on the content, instead of continuously invading the public space and eroding the trust accumulated over the years, which will ruin the future of the industry.

 Some people suggested many years ago that art advertisements that cost a lot of money to shoot are often high and low, and they disappear after winning some industry awards, while some seemingly vulgar advertisements can last for a long time. In fact, the quality of advertising does not conflict with the commercial effect. From the brainwashing magic sound of "Hengyuan Xiangyang Yangyang" and "receiving gifts only for brain platinum" to the classic sentence of "diamond will last forever, one will last forever" and "good luck will come naturally as soon as the remy horse opens", many classic cases have confirmed the commercial effect of good advertising. However, if practitioners choose the view of "bad advertising = good marketing" and blindly fight for the lower limit and make quick money, this will undoubtedly become the sorrow of the advertising industry and the sorrow of consumers.

 In fact, the elevator advertising industry still has room for fine development. For example, the residential groups and geographical locations of buildings may have a multiplier effect by making "user portraits" for advertisers, advertising luxury goods in high-end neighborhoods, and attracting business for art training near school districts. In addition, elevator advertising should not become a "trespasser" in the community, but a "member" of the community ". For example, can the content be approved by the owner? Can the advertising space become a window to show the community? Let the advertisers communicate better with the community and residents, and give suggestions for improving the public space and the quality of life. Only in this way can the elevator advertising create value and "correct its name".

Legendary advertising man David Ogilvy once said that the meaning of advertising is not only to attract attention, but more importantly to create a brand image. Better play to the advantages of the carrier, and the audience to make friends, perhaps is the long-term development of the elevator advertising industry.

This is exactly:

Residents come in and out, and advertisements go back and forth.

Insist on content is king, can eliminate the conflict.

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