Surprise "black" elevator! Stop!



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Surprise "black" elevator! Stop!

China Quality News Network News There is no sign in the car and there is no maintenance information. Do you dare to take the elevator?

Recently, the Market Supervision Bureau of Haicang District, Xiamen City found in its daily inspection that there were no use signs and maintenance information in the elevator car running in a factory. The law enforcement officers immediately asked Mr. Chen, the manager of the plant, who knew that Mr. Chen was full of confidence, "This elevator was bought through regular channels, and it was also installed by professionals of the elevator company. I have a contract and a product certificate, no problem".

When the law enforcement officers further asked Mr. Chen to show other relevant documents of the elevator, he looked at a loss: "What more certificate?" The law enforcement officers saw Mr. Chen's second monk confused, aware that the elevator may have not been tested and not used to register the risk of hidden dangers.

The law enforcement personnel immediately inquired through the dynamic supervision platform of special equipment and confirmed that the elevator did not have a valid "identity certificate", that is, the registration certificate for the use of special equipment, so they immediately closed the elevator according to law and filed a case for investigation.

What does a qualified elevator need?

Since elevators are special equipment, the "the People's Republic of China Special Equipment Safety Law" stipulates that "special equipment users shall register with the department responsible for the safety supervision and management of special equipment before or within 30 days after the special equipment is put into use, and obtain the use registration certificate".

Therefore, an elevator that meets the specifications not only needs a factory certificate, but also needs to meet the civil construction standards of the elevator shaft during installation and construction, and needs to pass a series of complex professional tests such as operation tests and safety component effectiveness tests. Only after the installation supervision and inspection is qualified, the supervision and inspection report is obtained and the registration certificate for the use of special equipment is handled, the elevator is considered to meet the standard of safe operation and has the qualification for legal use.

The market supervision department reminds that elevators are the most frequently encountered special equipment in everyone's life, and the safe operation of elevators is inseparable from regular inspection and regular maintenance. When you take the elevator, you may wish to pay attention to the use of signs and maintenance information signs in the elevator car. If it is found that the elevator does not have a use sign or there are problems such as overdue inspection and scheduled maintenance, you can call the municipal special equipment emergency disposal center telephone 96196 to reflect in time.

In addition, when using the elevator, it is necessary to prevent the closing of the elevator door from being blocked for a long time, and the elevator door cannot be forcibly opened manually and do not play in the elevator. Reasonable standard to take the elevator to a greater extent to maintain the safe operation of the elevator.

Source: China Quality Network

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