How to Solve the "First Kilometer" Problem in the Old Building with Elevator



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How to Solve the "First Kilometer" Problem in the Old Building with Elevator

Promote the installation of old residential areasElevatorThe work involves not only the implementation of laws and policies, but also the process of balancing the interests of all parties. The reason why the installation of elevators has always been the difficulty in the transformation of old residential areas is that the biggest resistance comes from the difficulty of unifying the opinions of the owners of the residential areas, and the conflict of interest between the owners of high floors and low floors often becomes the biggest obstacle. This also makes the installation of elevators in old communities in many places not fall in the "last kilometer", but get stuck in the "first kilometer. (May 24, the rule of law daily)

By the end of 2020, the number of elderly people over 60 years old in China will reach 0.264 billion. How to make the elderly, who account for the top 1/6 of the country's population, travel safely, conveniently and happily has become a "key little thing". As the saying goes, the old legs get old first. There are many inconveniences for the elderly to travel. Young people can step up in a few steps, but for the elderly, it may be a gap that hinders their communication with the outside world. In 2016, the relevant departments of Guangdong Province conducted a special investigation on the old residential areas, and found that some elderly people "have not been downstairs for five or six years", and some disabled elderly people "can only walk down residential buildings until they die". For many years, residents living in high-rise residential buildings without elevators have suffered from climbing buildings. As the retired staff of Beihang University wrote, directed and acted in the drama "Elevator", "My waist has not been downstairs for five or six years since I had surgery. I can't get down! The 88 steps in front of me are a 'mountain' in front of me......"

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How to remove the "mountain" in front of the elderly in the old building, so that the family pension support policy of installing elevators in existing houses can really fall to the ground. In recent years, policies related to installing elevators in old buildings have been introduced all over the country, which makes many owners who want to install elevators see hope. However, the total number of additional elevators is not as expected, and the installation of elevators is only the first step in the long march ". The main reason for the slow progress of installing elevators in old buildings is that some places have not yet got out of the dilemma of "one family opposes the shelving of the whole building.

Starting with the top-level design in 2020, Qingdao adjusted the proportion range for soliciting opinions on the installation of elevators, from "one vote veto" to "double 2/3". At the same time, it also attaches importance to the opinions of individual owners, especially the owners on the first floor, and adds the "compensation scheme for owners with damaged rights and interests" to guide residents to compensate the owners with damaged rights and interests, Through compensation leverage, pry the solution of the problem. The "ice-breaking" of the policy of installing elevators in old buildings in Qingdao is worth learning from everywhere.

In fact, the "acceleration" of the installation of elevators requires not only the government department Yugong to move the "mountain", effective organization and coordination, but also the concerted efforts of grass-roots organizations and owners. Not all opposition voices are unreasonable demands, and not all opposition voices cannot be resolved. The key is to have someone to be an "old uncle" and "peacemaker" to face up to and resolve contradictions. Enthusiastic residents should stand up, and community cadres should play a more active role in promoting the process of installing elevators as an opportunity to exercise and test the ability of grass-roots governance.

In the work of installing elevators, we should also strengthen territorial management, regard this work as the "secretary project" of the street, give prominence to the leading role of party building in social governance, and take the initiative to guide the units and communities of the community to solve the problem of contradictions caused by the installation of elevators. through professional guidance in place, policy guidance in place, and ideological and political work in place, we will go all out to promote unity of opinion among the residents.

Source: Rule of Law Daily, Gongli Elevator Network

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