Scary! Women's world elevator "brakes"



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Scary! Women's world elevator "brakes"

Standing on the escalator, will you hold on to the handrail?
On July 2, citizen Ms. Zhang and her child experienced a shocking moment on the elevator: the downward elevator suddenly stopped, and the mother and son nearly fell off the elevator.
Why did the normal operation of the elevator suddenly stop? The reporter interviewed on the matter.
There are people with children using the elevator.

Suddenly it stopped.

On the afternoon of July 3, Ms. Zhang sent her son to class upstairs in the women's world of Dongfeng new village. In the past, the father of the child sent her son. Therefore, Ms. Zhang was not very familiar with the environment inside.
After class that day, Ms. Zhang took her son downstairs in the elevator. When the elevator ran between the first floor and the second floor, it suddenly stopped.
The child's left hand was holding Ms. Zhang, and her right hand did not lift the elevator handrail. Fortunately, Ms. Zhang was holding the child, and she used enough strength to balance the two bodies.
Then, regardless of other things, Ms. Zhang took her son and quickly walked down the elevator.
The surrounding merchants did not show surprise when they saw all this, and seemed to have become accustomed to it.
"There is a straight ladder over there. Don't use this in the future." A merchant said.
"Can't this elevator work?" Ms. Zhang's question was not answered.
The child was not injured, but she kept saying "scared me to death". ms Zhang immediately calmed the child. Calm for a while, she felt a dull pain in her calf, a closer look found that the elevator knocked out a red mark.
No one in the fire control center

The elevator is timed.

"The moment the elevator suddenly stopped, my mind was full of elevator malfunctioning, and then the thrilling pictures I saw in the news before, the only thought was that I had to take my child down quickly, and every step I took was frightened ......" Seeing the reporter, Ms. Zhang was still scared.
Ms. Zhang told reporters that since the outbreak, when taking the elevator, she has reminded her children not to touch the elevator handrail. Although she knew that it was not safe to do so, she felt that there were too many unhygienic people touching the elevator handrail. Therefore, she held the child's hand when taking the elevator. Unexpectedly, this time she encountered the situation that the down elevator was stopped halfway.
"If I were to react more slowly, we would definitely have planted it." Ms. Zhang is still scared.
Just when Ms. Zhang reflected the matter to the reporter, the reporter saw someone taking the child in the elevator. There are no instructions for the use of elevators at the elevator entrance.
Just nearly let Ms. Zhang and the child fell down the elevator, is carrying a man down.
Later, the reporter came to the back of the elevator, a door open, above the door to write "fire control center". There was no one in the room. The reporter stood at the door and waited for a while. A woman hurried along. Knowing the reporter's intention, the woman said that the elevator did not break down because the elevator had time to set. When the time came, it stopped. This was set when the elevator was installed.
"There is a straight ladder over there, and everyone takes the straight ladder." The woman said.
The elevator was running normally again shortly after the outage.

Safety is no small matter

If it weren't for this experience, Ms. Zhang would not have thought that the smooth running elevator would suddenly stop halfway. If she had been slower, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

Nowadays, some people are still "careless" when using elevators ".

As Ms. Zhang said, many people do not like to touch the elevator handrail when taking the elevator, especially when taking the escalator. However, once they encounter an accident, how to protect themselves?

Subsequently, the reporter visited two large shopping malls, a large supermarket and a community supermarket.

The reporter saw that when using the elevator, there were quite a few people who did not hold the handrail, mostly young people.

In Yiteng Shangdu, some children just stand on the pedal with one foot on the elevator and step on the metal plate on the side of the elevator with the other foot. Even if parents see it, they seldom remind them that in their concept, such a move is not a big deal.

On the "slope" elevator on the other side, several 10-year-old children were dodging and fighting. The parents behind them yelled twice. The children did not stop, and the parents went with them.

During the interview, the reporter learned that in the past two years, the use of elevators has become more civilized than in previous years, such as the use of escalators to transport shopping carts and strollers. Safety is no small matter, hope that the elevator managers to manage, repair and maintenance responsibilities, to ensure the use of safety.

Source: Daqing Evening News

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