An elevator in a new house in Biguiyuan, Shaanxi Province has been accused of frequent accidents. Officials: It has been repaired and has been operating normally.



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An elevator in a new house in Biguiyuan, Shaanxi Province has been accused of frequent accidents. Officials: It has been repaired and has been operating normally.

  Recently, some netizens reported that there were frequent accidents in the elevators of the new houses in the Biguiyuan Guohu Project in Xixian New District of Xi 'an City, and the problem was still not solved after repeated maintenance of the property. On June 28, Xixian New District replied that the elevator had been operating normally after maintenance.

On June 22, some netizens reported to Fang Hongwei, secretary of the Xi'an Municipal Party Committee through the "Leadership Message Board" of People's Daily Online, that there are three units and six elevators in Building 3, Country Garden, Fengdong New Town, Xixian New District, Xi'an. In the past three months, there have been frequent accidents in elevators. The netizen said, "Sometimes suddenly straight down several floors, sometimes suddenly stopped, sometimes suddenly stopped working, the phenomenon makes the residents every day frightened. After many times of coordination with the property, but also after the so-called many times of maintenance, the problem is still not resolved, June 20, 23:00, after another repair, the elevator and failure". This netizen hopes that these elevators that have been in use for less than 3 years have repeatedly failed, and they can thoroughly investigate the reasons.

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In response, Xixian New District replied on June 28, "After on-site investigation, the elevator is currently in a normal state. In view of the elevator problem in this building, the staff called the property company to check with Mitsubishi elevator after-sales staff and elevator maintenance personnel. It was initially determined that the elevator counterweight was faulty, and the elevator was in normal operation after maintenance." The reply also mentioned that the staff of Fengdong New Town called the netizens for help on June 24 and 27, but the phone was not connected. Welcome the netizen to continue to pay attention to and supervise the work.

This is not the first time that the Country Garden Lake project has been complained by the owner. The Paper ( The reporter noticed that on April 6, 2022, some netizens reported through the "Leadership Message Board" of People's Daily Online that the delivery of the Country Garden · Guohu project has been delayed.



The message said that buildings 13 and 17 of the second phase of the Guiguiyuan-Guohu project in Fengdong New Town were originally scheduled to be delivered on December 31, 2021, but there has been no formal delivery so far due to the delay in the impact of the epidemic. The message also mentioned that the developer had informed the owners to close the house privately, and many owners had actually closed the house because they were in a hurry to use the house. The netizen questioned, "I don't know if the house has passed government acceptance, whether there is a safety hazard, and whether it can meet the conditions for collection? The developer said that 'early collection of the house does not affect the renovation and liquidated damages paid', 'the amount of compensation to the official delivery of the house as the time node for settlement, I do not know whether it is legal compliance."

In this regard, Xixian New District replied on April 8 that the developer had previously issued an extension notification letter, saying that the delivery was overdue due to the epidemic and other reasons and was expected to be delivered in April. Fengdong New Town Development and Construction Department has urged developers to speed up the relevant procedures to ensure the delivery of housing as soon as possible. For the delay in the delivery of housing, Fengdong New Town Development and Construction Department has asked developers to actively bear the responsibility for late delivery of breach of contract, and timely cash compensation.

At the same time, the reply reminded that regarding whether the house can be handed over in private and decorated in advance, "it is strictly prohibited to hand over the house before obtaining the completion acceptance record form, and it is not allowed to accept or decorate the house before the formal delivery. the development and construction department of fengdong new town has asked developers to hand over the house according to the contract specifications to prevent such phenomena."

According to the official micro-signal "Country Garden in Shaanxi" of Country Garden Group in Shaanxi, the Guohu Project is the No.1 work of "Guo" in Shaanxi of Country Garden. It is located in Kunming Pool, the core of Fengdong New Town, and is built with an ultra-low floor area ratio of about 2.5.

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