After being trapped in the elevator, he was sent to a doctor for rescue. The takeaway said that the property should be held responsible for the property: timely rescue, no responsibility



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After being trapped in the elevator, he was sent to a doctor for rescue. The takeaway said that the property should be held responsible for the property: timely rescue, no responsibility

Push the emergency call button, no one answers

Call for help, no cell phone signal

The whole body constantly sweating

After being rescued, he sat in the lobby on the first floor.

The 120 was sent to the hospital rescue room

Looking back on the experience of being trapped in the elevator that night, Mr. Lei, the takeaway man, still had lingering fears. At present, he has been discharged from the hospital, but he hopes that the property can bear part of the responsibility.


Sweating profusely, beating the elevator door desperately for help.

The 38-year-old Mr. Lei is a takeaway worker on a takeaway platform. At 9:20 pm on August 6, Mr. Lei went to Changxingyuan Huqu Community near Liyuan Road in Xi'an to deliver takeaway. He was trapped while taking the elevator. After being rescued, he was paralyzed and unable to move. He was later sent to hospital by 120. At present, the person has been discharged from the hospital and his limbs have resumed their activities.

On August 10, a reporter from Huashang Daily came to Changxingyuan Huqu District and met Mr. Lei and his mother. Mr. Lei took the information from the hospital and told the reporter about the process of that night.

"The customer who ordered the takeout was the owner of Building 1 and Building 2. I went to the 17th floor of Building 2 to deliver the takeout first. After the takeout was delivered, I took the elevator downstairs. Suddenly, it was dark and there was a power outage. The elevator stopped on the 9th floor. I looked at the time. It was 9:30 in the evening." Mr. Lei said, "I immediately pressed the emergency call button in the elevator, but no one responded. I wanted to use my mobile phone to call for help, but there was no signal in the elevator."

Mr. Lei was sweating profusely, and he slapped the elevator door desperately. "It was okay at first, but it took longer and longer. I was scared. I kept sweating all over. I could hear someone talking downstairs, but no one heard my voice." Mr. Lei said, he shouted "help", while desperately with his hand to pull the elevator door open a crack, "the elevator finally have a signal, I immediately call the 110. Maybe because the elevator door opened a crack, some owners heard my voice, I heard the owners and the property contact, 9:55 pm, the property rescued me."


After being rescued,

I can't move on the ground in the hall on the first floor.

Mr. lei has another take-out to deliver. the customer is on the 1st floor. "I walked slowly down the stairs with takeout. When I got to the lobby on the first floor, I couldn't walk anymore. I called the customer, and then I sat down on the ground, dizzy, but I was conscious." Mr. Lei said, "When the police arrived at the scene, they called 120 ambulance for me." Mr. Lei was then taken to Xi'an Daxing Hospital.

Mr. Lei's mother, Ms. Zhang, said that at 10 o'clock in the evening on August 6, she received a call from the doctor, "when I heard in the emergency room, I was so scared that my legs were soft, and immediately went to the hospital with my family, and my son was still in the emergency room. Fortunately, the next day he was slowly able to move. The son had never seen this before".

The reporter from China Business Daily saw that the medical history column of the emergency medical record of Xi 'an Daxing Hospital read: The patient complained that he was trapped in a closed and sultry elevator for about 20 minutes about half an hour ago. After being rescued, he felt dizzy, flustered, chest tightness, no chest pain, and weak limbs. He 120 sent him to see a doctor and was healthy in the past.

The medical certificate of Xi'an Daxing Hospital reads: Dizziness to be investigated, suspected heatstroke, recommended hospitalization for further examination and treatment.

After losing the nutrient solution, Mr. Lei was able to move slowly. For fear of spending too much, Mr. Lei left the hospital on the afternoon of August 7. "It cost 2240.58 yuan altogether." Mr. Lei said.


Property: power failure, timely rescue,

No responsibility

On August 10, Mr. Lei took a reporter from China Business Daily to Building 2, where the incident occurred that night, to tell the scene at that time. On the 9th floor, a reporter from China Business Daily knocked at the door hoping to find the owner who helped contact the property that night, but failed. Ms. Han, the owner of the 9th floor, said that there was a power outage in the residential area that night, and some owners in WeChat group reported to the property that someone was trapped. After seeing the news, the property said, "We will deal with it".

After the incident, Mr. Lei was not satisfied with the property of Changxingyuan Huqu community. "It has been several days since the incident, but the property has not come forward. If something happens in their community, the property should appropriately bear the medical expenses, or at least care about it." Mr. Lei said.

On August 10, Ms. Li, the property customer service supervisor of the community, said that there were 6 buildings in the community, and the electricity was directly supplied to the household. She was resting at home that night and saw the WeChat group saying that the community had a power outage. "The staff on duty immediately checked the elevator. That night, there were five or six owners who were trapped in the elevator like the takeaway. The property was quickly rescued and the others were all right."

Ms. Li said that the hot weather, take-out workers rush to run outside, easy to heatstroke. In addition, the trapped elevator is not a problem with the facilities and equipment, but a sudden power outage. After the power outage, the emergency call in the elevator cannot transmit the signal. According to the relevant regulations, the trapped elevator personnel were rescued within 30 minutes, and the property was not responsible.

Ms. Li said that she would discuss with the property manager and see how to deal with it.


The lawyer suggested that the three parties negotiate a settlement,

Failure to negotiate may be brought to court.

On August 10, Wang Pengxin, a lawyer from Shaanxi Jianxu Law Firm, analyzed that, first, the elevator is a public facility. When a person is trapped in the elevator, the main body of responsibility is the elevator owner and manager, and the property, as the management party of the elevator, is the main body of responsibility. Second, the delivery worker needs to provide medical proof to prove that his illness is related to the trapped elevator. If necessary, he needs to ask a third-party medical institution to issue an appraisal to see whether the illness is related to the matter from the diagnosis and treatment process. According to what happened, the power supply department and the property should share the corresponding responsibility. Third, for power outages, unless it is a force majeure factor, or the general troubleshooting has been informed in advance, the power supply department is not responsible, otherwise, the power supply department is also responsible. It is recommended that the three parties negotiate a settlement. If the negotiation fails, they can file a lawsuit in the court, and at the same time provide evidence on the causal relationship between the diagnosis and treatment and the trapped elevator.


Relevant provisions:The elevator is trapped.

More than 30 minutesmay claim compensation

On August 10, a reporter from Huashang Daily inquired that Article 64 of the Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment stipulates that any of the following circumstances is a general accident: (1) A special equipment accident causes the death of less than 3 people, or serious injuries of less than 10 people, or direct economic losses of more than 10000 yuan and less than 10 million yuan; (II) the leakage of toxic media from pressure vessels and pressure pipelines, causing the transfer of more than 500 people and less than 10000 people; (III) the elevator car to detain people for more than 2 hours.

Article 18 stipulates that if a person stays in an elevator car for more than 2 hours, it is a general accident, and the responsible unit may be fined between 100000 yuan and 200000 yuan.

The ''Elevator Use Management and Maintenance Rules'' stipulates that the maintenance unit should set up a 24-hour maintenance and maintenance telephone. After receiving a report of a trapped person in the elevator, the maintenance personnel should arrive at the scene in time to carry out rescue, and the arrival time of municipalities or cities divided into districts should not More than 30 minutes, other areas generally not more than 1 hour, the elevator trapped for more than 30 minutes can claim compensation.

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