The old residential area "installed elevator" led to the debate? The official answer came.



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The old residential area "installed elevator" led to the debate? The official answer came.

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Recently, residents of Jinglian Garden, Jingtian East Road, Futian District, Shenzhen City responded to the reporter of Shenzhen Net that some buildings in the community applied for the installation of elevators in 2021, but due to disagreement between residents and shop owners, the installation of elevators has been delayed. result.

Some old communities in Shenzhen did not install elevators at the beginning of construction, which brought many inconveniences to the residents. In recent years, as the people's demand for the installation of elevators in multi-storey old buildings has become more and more urgent, the state has issued a series of policies to encourage the installation of elevators, which has also become one of the people's livelihood facts that the government is most concerned about. The benefits of installing elevators are obvious. However, in practice, the attributes of residents on different floors and the needs of residents are not unified, which makes it difficult to unify opinions on whether to install elevators and cost sharing, resulting in many disputes.

According to the reporter's understanding, Jinglian Garden is an 8-story complex building, including 115 residential households and 1 commercial household. According to the real estate registration, the first-floor podium is commercial, the second-floor podium is a single-room residence, and the third to eighth floors of the tower are apartments. The owner plans to build an additional elevator near the commercial entrance on the west side of the podium building, connecting the stairs of the podium building and lifting it from the first floor to the second floor and a half. The owner of the third to eighth floors must also go to the third floor through the stairs of the podium building and enter the house through the third floor.

The reporter from Shenzhen Net contacted the relevant department that installed the elevator. The Futian Administration Bureau of the Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau stated that usually the building "unit" refers to a relatively independent whole connected by vertical traffic space (stairs, elevators) and cannot be divided. Comprehensive staircase, location, elevator scheme and other factors, podium and tower are part of the unit (building), inseparable. Non-owner understanding shall be declared according to commercial and residential functions. According to the application materials for installing elevators submitted by Jinglian Garden Project, 80 residential owners in Jinglian Garden agreed to install elevators, agreed that the number of owners accounted for about 69% (up to 2/3) of the total number of owners in the whole building, and agreed that the exclusive part of the owner accounted for only about 54% (not up to 2/3) of the total construction area of the whole building. It is agreed that the number and area of owners who install elevators do not meet the requirements of "double 2/3" in the "regulations on the Administration of installing elevators in existing residential buildings in Shenzhen" and the "guidelines for the installation of elevators in existing residential buildings in Futian District, Shenzhen.

The 2018 "Regulations on the Administration of Installation of Elevators in Existing Residential Buildings in Shenzhen", the 2021 "Guidelines for the Installation of Elevators in Existing Residential Buildings in Futian District, Shenzhen" and the "Installation of Elevators in Existing Residential Buildings in Shenzhen" issued and implemented by the General Office of the Municipal Government in May this year The "Implementation Plan" clarified the elevator declaration conditions, procedures, negotiations and other links, providing guidelines for the city's elevator installation work, for the common problem that it is difficult to negotiate upstairs and downstairs, it is proposed to adopt the "2 3 X" model ("2" means street offices and community workstations, "3" means implementation entities, design and construction enterprises, and "X" means people's congress representatives and CPPCC members, Party member representatives, volunteers and other enthusiastic people who care about the work of the ladder) to build a negotiation and discussion adjustment platform.

It is reported that on July 26, 2022, in order to further solve the problem of installing elevators in Jinglian Garden, the Futian Administration Bureau of Shenzhen Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, in conjunction with the Futian District Housing and Construction Bureau, the Lianhua Sub-district Office and the owners of the elevators installed in Jinglian Garden, fully communicated the problems reflected and the corresponding policies and regulations. The existing residential elevator installation office in Futian District (the district-level special working group has an office and resident in the district housing construction bureau) has put forward constructive suggestions, the affiliated streets will continue to cooperate with multiple departments to fully communicate and coordinate with all owners of Jinglian Garden, answer questions and solve problems, and all processes will be handled in accordance with laws and regulations.


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