The first floor goes straight to the 25th floor, the guy on the ladder fainted briefly, property: the old elevator is about to be replaced!



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The first floor goes straight to the 25th floor, the guy on the ladder fainted briefly, property: the old elevator is about to be replaced!

Building 1, Building 7, West District, Fengyi Garden, Fengtai DistrictElevatorRecently, a top-rushing accident occurred, and the elevator rushed directly from the 1st floor to the 25th floor in a short time. It is understood that the cause of the accident is that the elevator is old and there is no upward protection. At present, the industry committee is seeking residents' opinions on the replacement of elevators.

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There are three elevators on the south side of Building 7, West District of Fengyi Garden, and the one on the right is enclosed by a fence and cannot be used. The fence reads "Maintenance in progress, suspended." There is also a stop notice on the elevator door, which indicates that "the aging of the elevator brake has potential safety hazards and will be suspended". The notice of the elevator internal industry committee stated that all three elevators will be replaced, and the brand and price will be announced until August 10. The other two elevators are affixed with "special equipment use signs", indicating that the next inspection date is June 2023.

"What happened was the elevator that was surrounded and suspended." An eyewitness told reporters that at about nine o'clock on the night of the incident, a young man took the elevator downstairs from the 22nd floor. When he reached the first floor, the elevator made a strange noise. He immediately fell and fainted briefly. When he woke up, there was no signal in the elevator and the emergency phone could not be used, so he had to knock on the elevator door to call for help. A resident on the 25th floor contacted the property to launch a rescue after hearing the call for help. The trapped man got out of the elevator only to know that he was on the 25th floor and was startled.

"I was watching TV at home and I heard a noise." Resident Ms. Sun told reporters that she did not know that the elevator had an accident and thought whose pressure cooker had blown up. Later, Ms. Sun went out to look at the situation and found that an elevator display screen was completely black and had a burning smell. "The elevator in our building has been in use for more than 20 years since it was completed in 2001." Ms. sun said, "once the elevator slipped from the fifth floor to the second floor. I pressed it indiscriminately. when the elevator reached the second floor, the door was open and I hurried out."

"For the sake of the safety of the residents, we stopped the elevator that was involved in the accident on the day of its operation, and it has never been driven. We check the other elevators twice a day, and the residents can use them with confidence." The maintenance staff told reporters that the elevator roof accident was an emergency at that time, because the elevator was relatively old and there was no upward protection. "Generally speaking, the old elevator did not have the brakes to go up, only the brakes to go down."

"At present, the community industry committee has decided to replace the elevators in the three buildings of buildings 3, 7 and 11 in the western district, and the publicity period will be until August 10." Property staff told reporters that after the end of the publicity period, they will step up the work of replacing the elevator.    

Source: Beijing Evening News, Gongli Elevator Network

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