What about the operation and maintenance of the later stage of installing elevators? Nearly half of the elevators installed in Nanjing 1300 have passed the free maintenance period.



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What about the operation and maintenance of the later stage of installing elevators? Nearly half of the elevators installed in Nanjing 1300 have passed the free maintenance period.


Nanjing is an early city in Jiangsu and even the whole country to explore the installation of elevators in old residential areas. Since the installation of the province's first existing residential elevator in 2013, Nanjing has completed 1300 additional elevators, accounting for about 60% of the province, of which 621 elevators were completed from 2017 to 2018, accounting for about half of Nanjing's cumulative additional elevators. These four or five years ago to install, now has passed the free maintenance period of the elevator, "run" how? September 5-15, the reporter visited the main city of Nanjing six districts of 17 residential areas in nearly 30 installed elevator operation.
In the past two years, 621 ladders were added, and the steps were not small.
"In 2013, the" Interim Measures for the Addition of Elevators in Existing Residential Buildings in Nanjing "was promulgated, but due to the harsh conditions, only three were installed in the following three years." Recalling the difficulty of work advancement during that period, the staff of the Nanjing Property Center sighed that "it is a long story".
What was the difficulty? At that time, the installation of elevators required not only 100 percent of the unit owners to agree, but also 100 percent of the unit owners to be notarized. Moreover, only the owners registered on the housing ownership certificate could be notarized. "In the actual operation process, the property owners of individual old houses died, and the houses were not transferred in time, so the children living in the house could not participate in the notarization." The staff member gave an example.
In 2016, Nanjing will "untie and reduce the burden" for the work of adding ladders ". The "Implementation Measures for the Addition of Elevators in Existing Residential Buildings in Nanjing" implemented on November 10 of that year, in addition to changing the original "filing system" to the "approval system" to moderately raise the threshold, the remaining conditions have been relaxed and no longer require All owners agree and notarize, and a series of financial subsidies and policies to facilitate the use of funds have been introduced. Since then, Nanjing ladder work began to accelerate, the policy system gradually formed.
At the beginning of 2017, the addition of elevators in existing residential buildings as a practical project for people's livelihood was written into the work report of the Nanjing Municipal Government that year. The report proposed to add 1000 ladders within the year. Although the plan was not realized in the end, the overall progress of the ladder addition was pulled up: 150 ladders were completed in Nanjing in 2017 and 471 in 2018, totaling 621 ladders in two years. Then the speed dropped and gradually stabilized.
In this process, Nanjing has lowered the "threshold" and promoted the work of adding ladders in old residential areas to break the ice, providing valuable experience for the whole province. However, some people in the industry admitted frankly that the pace of increasing ladders from 2017 to 2018 may be a little too big. Some problems may not be considered comprehensively. There are generally many and miscellaneous manufacturers, uneven elevator companies, uneven civil construction quality, lax application procedures, and neglect of daily maintenance in the use process.
Water leakage in the shaft, broken glass and poor maintenance are annoying.
In the six districts of Xuanwu, Gulou, Qinhuai, Qixia, Jianye and Yuhuatai in Nanjing, the reporter visited nearly 30 existing residential buildings with elevators from 2017 to 2018, and found no problems with the elevator itself, and the vast majority of owners expressed satisfaction. The exterior walls of these elevator shafts mostly use aluminum plates, ALC (autoclaved lightweight concrete) plates or glass, and glass is also used at the covered bridges to meet the lighting needs. The problems reflected by the owners are mainly concentrated in water leakage, broken glass and poor maintenance.
In these elevators, nearly a 1/3 of the existence of shaft, bridge leakage and broken glass and so on. During the free maintenance period after the elevator is delivered, the quality of daily on-site maintenance is also quite different. There are also some elevators that have been "trapped" due to foreign matter stuck and poor contact.
"Starting from tomorrow, when Nanjing enters the plum, the elevator is prone to failure due to flooding. Please pay attention to close the doors and windows when entering and leaving the elevator." On June 22 this year, Chen Jinfu, a resident of Unit 1, Building 22, Huadian No.1 Dormitory, Qixia District, reminded his neighbors in the owners' group. In the past three years, Chen Jinfu has repeatedly told him this at this time. After the elevator of this unit is put into use, during the rainy season, the elevator will have problems such as dripping water at the door, flashing indicator lights and even the elevator door cannot be closed. The maintenance personnel found that a series of problems were caused by water leakage in the well and water accumulation in the foundation pit at the bottom.
Ms. Jin, a resident of Unit 1, Building 1, Tengda Yayuan, jianye district, turned up the video of the elevator shutdown and maintenance after the rainstorm in July last year to show the reporter. In the video, the maintenance personnel are draining water from the inside to the outside of the shaft foundation pit, and the accumulated water has overflowed the ankles of the maintenance personnel. "After being repaired last year, there is still a leak this year." Ms. King complained.
The broken glass also upset the owners. Uncle Zhu, a resident of Unit 2, Building 2, Staff New Village, Qixia District, felt "lucky"-in May this year, the broken glass from the covered bridge "fell inward into the corridor" and did not hit passers-by downstairs. Yue Yanning, the lead owner of unit 1, building 2, No. 90, Ganhe Yanqian Street, Gulou District, was very anxious when talking about the cracked glass in the well, "The construction unit at that time was not responsible, and I couldn't come over even if I shouted. I had an operation on my body, and I didn't have the energy to keep an eye on it."
As for daily maintenance, some "special circumstances" also make the owners unexpected. Outside Building 138, Ninggong Xinyu Second Village, Gulou District, rusty steel frames stood quite abruptly. Nanjing Ryu Elevator Co., Ltd., which is responsible for installing elevators, forged the owner's signature in the planning approval process and was reported for verification, resulting in the suspension of its projects. The relevant personnel of the company then ran away. Some of the half-finished projects have been completed until now, but the elevators that were still in the free maintenance period have been built and put into use. In fact, they are "out of insurance".

"Originally, I signed a 3-year free maintenance contract with the elevator installation company, which expired at the beginning of this year. But in January last year, I was suddenly told that the company was 'no more '." Du Jin, who lives in Unit 1, Building 8, Yuheyuan, Qinhuai District, told reporters that fortunately, the maintenance personnel were affiliated to other elevator companies and continued to perform their contractual obligations, but they only came to the door for maintenance two or three times a year. According to the Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment, elevators should be cleaned, lubricated, adjusted and inspected at least once every 15 days.

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Beware of greater hidden dangers in the future concentrated "outbreak"
"The service life of the elevator is usually 15 years. Generally speaking, if it is used for about 10 years, the failure rate will increase and overhaul will be ushered in." Ren Ping, head of Nanjing of Jiangsu Yijiatai Construction Co., Ltd., told reporters.
A number of competent department staff said that "visible" problems such as water leakage, broken glass, and too few maintenance times can be remedied. What really worries them is the problems that occur after 10-15 years of elevator use.
According to the regulations, the elevator user unit is the main body responsible for the operation and management, and fulfills the responsibility of elevator safety use management in accordance with the law, and sets up a 24-hour maintenance duty phone to ensure that it is eliminated in time after receiving the fault notice. However, the fact is that the users of the elevators installed in Nanjing are basically the lead owners, that is, individuals. Some of them are older, some rent or sell their properties, and some do not live regularly.
"How is it possible to let one or a few owners take care of all the owners' affairs? 10-15 years later, half of the owners may have changed, and people are more difficult to find, what should I do?" In the interview, a staff member admitted that there has been a situation where the lead owner cannot be contacted, and as the life of the elevator increases, the problem will increase.
Relevant sources told reporters that they were more worried about the problems that would occur 10 years later. Because the old building has settled in place, the foundation is dense and stable. However, the shaft structure of the elevator is newly added, and there will be settlement differences between it and the main body of the old building. If the construction is not strictly in accordance with the drawings, the future may affect the well and even the main building safety.
"The problem now is that elevator companies are 'both athletes and referees '." The above-mentioned people believe that the construction unit of the additional ladder work is the owner, who should have paid for and supervised the construction, but because they did not understand, they mostly handed over the work to the elevator company. As a result, the elevator company "has the final say", and some of the construction links of the ladder may have mixed quality, not according to the drawings or even cut corners. And the supervision unit that should have supervised the project may also be lax.
It is well installed and used, and needs to be maintained by many parties.
Many owners think that adding ladders only needs to share the cost at the beginning, but they don't know that it is the same as buying a car. It has to invest money and be responsible for safety throughout its life cycle. There are also owners who believe that the government should deal with the aftermath of the extra ladder work.
However, if the government "takes care of everything", people, money and things will eventually be unsustainable. In fact, since 2019, Nanjing has set out to clarify the relationship between the government and the market, encouragement and punishment, revise some provisions of the implementation measures for adding elevators to existing residential buildings in Nanjing, issue the notice on doing a good job in the later maintenance of elevators in existing residential buildings, and issue the interim measures for credit management of planning for adding elevators to existing residential buildings, which is intended to emphasize "owner autonomy" and put an end to fraud in planning declaration. At present, the Nanjing ladder model has been clearly defined as "owner-led, government platform, professional counseling, market operation".
For example, problems such as elevator water leakage or glass breakage are mostly related to civil construction. Industry insiders suggest that owners should choose and compare as many companies as possible, choose companies with good reputation, and sign contracts directly with supervision units to form an effective supervision mechanism. At the same time, the system design is improved, and the credit management is extended from the planning approval link to the whole process of adding ladders.
The reporter noticed that the "Notice on Accelerating the Installation of Elevators in Old Communities" issued by the Office of the Leading Group for the Reconstruction of Old Communities in Jiangsu Province this year has mentioned "improving the project quality and safety credit management and the punishment mechanism for dishonesty". Investigate and deal with problems such as non-standard design, non-standard construction, substandard project quality, and inadequate safety and civilized construction measures.
In order to prevent "elevator trapped people", Nanjing has set up a secondary rescue grid at the municipal level on the basis that the 96333 rescue telephone (24-hour elevator emergency response service hotline) covers all elevators in the city. "From the moment the trapped personnel dial 96333, we will start timing. If the maintenance personnel do not arrive at the scene more than half an hour after receiving the dispatching instruction, they will be punished." Nanjing Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau Special Division Deputy Director Zhou Shengjie introduction.
Xuanwu District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau in Meiyuan Street pilot to explore the "by the elevator maintenance company on behalf of the use of the unit responsibilities" of the new path. Zhang Qing, chief of the special equipment safety supervision department of the bureau, said: "the general idea is that the elevator property rights are still owned by all owners, and at the same time, the supervision obligations of the leading owners will be transferred to high-quality maintenance enterprises in the form of contracts, so as to avoid the loss of contact with the users."
The third generation elevator safety liability insurance Huimin demonstration project in Nanjing is also expected to be launched within the year. "Compared with the previous two generations of insurance, for the first time, all existing residential ladders have been included in the coverage, and the amount of claims has been further increased. People can enjoy insurance protection without paying." Zhou Shengjie said.
"For the ladder, we still adhere to the attitude of encouragement and support, and' mature one, add one '." Nanjing City Property Center staff said.

Source: China Jiangsu Net

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