The Complete Set Department of the Research and Development Center of AVIC Elevator Company organizes technicians to conduct centralized learning.



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In order to strengthen the knowledge reserve of the company's technical personnel and continuously improve the professional and technical quality of the technical personnel, on October 16, 2019, the complete set department of the R & D center of AVIC Elevator Company organized the technical personnel to focus on the working principle and function of the intelligent power distribution monitoring system and the microcomputer protection device in the high-voltage switchgear.
The intelligent power distribution monitoring system can be used in the remote monitoring system of the new power distribution station, and can also be used for the intelligent upgrading of the traditional old power distribution station (room). The system through the field sampling power data, remote transmission to the computer system software, through monitoring, technology and other means, to identify the operation state of the distribution system and scientific and optimized management. Through the study, the technician has a preliminary understanding of the function and network structure of the power distribution system.
Subsequently, on the existing high-voltage switch cabinet, the complete set of relevant technical personnel to the high-voltage switch cabinet in the microcomputer protection device structure and corresponding function learning.
The main learning contents are:
1. Structure and corresponding function of microcomputer protection device for high voltage switchgear
2. Parameter setting and fixing of microcomputer protection device for high voltage switch cabinet
3. Power-on Test and Precautions of High Voltage Switchgear Microcomputer Protection Device
In this training and learning, technical personnel actively asked questions and participated in problem discussions. While their own business capabilities and knowledge reserves have been strengthened and expanded, it also laid a solid foundation for the company to build a professional technical talent team in the next step.


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