Zunyi City Property Service Enterprise Employment Risk Prevention Public Welfare Lecture Ends Successfully!



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On October 19, 2019, led by the Zunyi Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, hosted by the Zunyi Property Management Association, and undertaken by Guizhou AVIC Elevator Co., Ltd., the 2019 Zunyi Property Service Enterprise Employment Risk Prevention Public Welfare Lecture was in harmony and joy. The atmosphere ended successfully.Participants included Hu E, Deputy Chief of the Real Estate Section of the Municipal Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau, Dean of Chongqing Labor and Personnel Dispute Arbitration Institute, Master of Laws Lan Yunpeng, Party Committee Member and Executive Deputy General Manager of AVIC Elevator Company Zhu Jie, and the Municipal Property Management Association Wu Peizhong, Secretary-General Feng Zexin of the Municipal Property Management Association, and members of the Zunyi Property Management Association, totaling more than 320 people.
In the humorous course of teacher Lan Yunpeng, the participants learned about the rules and regulations of enterprise employment and employment, how to avoid various risk points, know the consequences of violations of laws and regulations, and have a new understanding of future development. After the meeting, the organizers organized the participants to visit the exhibition hall and production plant of AVIC elevator.
By carrying out this public welfare lecture on employment risk prevention of property service enterprises, the awareness of elevator safety management of employees in the industry has been improved, and the risk control of property service enterprises and the solution measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of passengers have been improved. it has played a positive role in promoting the strengthening of elevator safety management for property service enterprises in Zunyi City.


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