Car floor seriously rusted! Hole! See the pit?



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Car floor seriously rusted! Hole! See the pit?

"The bottom of our elevator is badly rusted, and one of them is rusted into holes. I think it looks dangerous, so I reported the situation to the media." Recently, citizen Wang Zhen (pseudonym) reported to the upstream news hotline 966966/upstream news APP that it is located in building c, a new house in the south of the city, 4 kilometers away from nan 'an district.Elevator car bottom seriously rustedHe was very concerned about security issues. After receiving the clues he provided, the upstream news reporter went to the district to investigate.

Owner: It has been reported to the property management for many times, but it has not been solved so far.

After entering building c of the new residence in the south of the city, the upstream news reporter saw two passenger elevators. one of the elevator cars did have a large iron plate exposed at the bottom. several holes had already appeared in the iron plate. some of the holes were relatively large, with a diameter of about 4 to 5 centimeters. there were still waste paper and other garbage in the holes. The other elevator is in a slightly better condition. Although the bottom of the car is not rusted into a hollow, there is also a large piece of iron sheet exposed and rusty.

△ A rusted hole in the bottom of an elevator car

Bottom of another car

At the scene, upstream news reporters randomly interviewed three residents of the community. They all said that this problem has existed for a long time. They reported it to the community property manager many times last year, but it has not been resolved. An owner also shook his head as he said: "We are also worried about the safety of the elevator. The rust is like this, and there are still a few holes. It looks scary, but this property company can't do it. I don't know when it can be solved."

Property: We will definitely repair it and have reported it to the company.

Later, the upstream news reporter first found the residential property office, but the residential property manager, ms Liu, was not at the scene, so she dialed the contact number provided by the residential security to ask about the elevator maintenance.

Ms. Liu said on the phone that she had already fed back the elevator problem to the company and would definitely find someone to repair it, but when it can be repaired, it needs to be arranged by the company, "it will definitely be repaired!" She said. However, the owners of the community still hope to solve the problem as soon as possible, and the best property can give a time point to solve the problem.

The upstream news reporter found the telephone number of Maocai Property, a residential property management company, through "Eye of Heaven", but no one answered the telephone number. According to the information of "Tianyan Zha", the reporter also came to the company's industrial and commercial registration address, hoping to find the person in charge to give an exact repair time, but the door of the company's address was closed and no one was there.

In the case of the elevators in Building C of the new residence in the south of the city, how can the owners get the property to help solve the problem? In this regard, the upstream news reporter learned that the safety management of elevators and other special equipment is the responsibility of the Market Supervision Administration, so to the South Bank District Market Supervision Administration to consult the matter. The staff of the relevant departments said that the owners of the residential area can first call the 12315 hotline to complain and describe the elevator situation in detail. The relevant departments will send a single street where the residential area is located, and then relevant personnel will follow up to urge the property to repair and rectify the elevator.

Source: Upstream News, Elevator Standards and Inspection

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