Qingdao Yesunnv Hotel died after falling into a well by ladder, and the maintenance worker with T1 document was sentenced to 2 years' compensation!



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Qingdao Yesunnv Hotel died after falling into a well by ladder, and the maintenance worker with T1 document was sentenced to 2 years' compensation!

Recently, according to the Legal Daily, the People's Court of Shibei District, Qingdao City made a first-instance judgment on the case of a 7-day chain hotel elevator crash that caused widespread concern in the society. The two responsible persons of the elevator maintenance unit were sentenced to two years in prison, suspended for two years, and two years in prison, suspended for three years.

The case dates back to March 22, 2015, when an elevator co., ltd. in Qingdao received a 7-day phone call from a hotel chain and learned that it was located in the hotel at 32 yingkou road.The elevator smells burnt. Business Manager Lin MouIn violation of the "double license operation" regulations, Liu mou, a repairman who is not qualified for maintenance, was sent to repair alone. Liu violated the technical specifications and simply adjusted the brake. The elevator continued to run. No other problems were found in the elevator during the maintenance process.. At noon the next day, the accident occurred, causing 72-year-old Wu and his 3-year-old granddaughter Zhou, who came to Qingdao from Sichuan for tourism.Fell into the elevator pit and die on the spot..

The court found out after trial that the elevator involved in the caseDue to the improper adjustment of the clearance between the brake wheel and the brake shoe, the brake shoe lining is seriously worn during the operation of the elevator, resulting in abnormal clearance between the brake shoe lining and the brake wheel.. At the time of the accident,Due to the failure of the brake, when the brake is braking normally, the braking torque is seriously insufficient, which cannot effectively stop the elevator, causing the car to slip under the action of gravity, which is the direct cause of the death accident of the grandson and grandson falling into the elevator pit.. The court held that the repairman Liu should be liability. And Lin a violation of safety regulations, but also to blame, should be responsibleLeadership responsibility. The court held that the two defendants were negligent crimes, were the first offenders, actively compensated, and obtained understanding, and the responsible person voluntarily surrendered to the case and truthfully confessed the facts of the crime, which can be used as the sentencing circumstances to be given a lighter punishment, so the above judgment was made. The judgement is now in force.

After the incident, the investment company of the hotel chain paid 1 million yuan to the close relatives of the deceased Wu and 1 million yuan to the close relatives of Wu's granddaughter. During the trial of this case, the defendants Lin and Liu reached a settlement agreement with the close relatives of the deceased on their own, and each made financial compensation to the close relatives of the victim and obtained understanding.


[Xiaobian has words]]

In recent years, elevator accidents have occurred, exposing many stubborn problems in elevator maintenance work:

First of all,Maintenance is not in place, rescue is not timely. In some residential areas, due to frequent replacement of property management companies, low occupancy rate and difficult collection of property fees, the funds for elevator maintenance cannot be implemented. Some residential areas have chaotic management, missing elevator safety technical files and no special elevator safety management personnel. Although some users have signed maintenance contracts with maintenance units in accordance with the requirements of the quality supervision department, there are phenomena such as "price reduction" and the maintenance fees paid are greatly reduced, as a result, the maintenance company "only repairs and does not maintain". In order to dispute the maintenance fee, the user unit and the maintenance unit shirk their responsibilities to each other, which can not guarantee the safe operation of the elevator, and even lead to the operator not in place; some hotels, office buildings and units are unwilling to spend money on the maintenance of the old elevators, elevators and freight elevators with long running time, and do not report to the quality supervision department for inspection on the grounds of "temporary suspension, when there is a large number of passengers or goods are being lifted, they operate privately.

Secondly,Part of the old elevator extended service. The elevators produced in the 1970 s and 1980 s have imperfect design, manufacturing, and installation technology, and there are many electric control and mechanical failures, which make passengers very worried. Such elevators are currently reduced and scrapped year by year. But at the same time, with the rapid increase in the scale of the elevator industry, some small elevator factories have unfair competition and use methods such as reducing costs to produce low-priced elevators, and there are many quality problems. In addition, accidents caused by non-professional personnel operating elevators also occur from time to time. The quality inspection personnel specially remind the personnel taking the elevator that the elevator without the safety inspection certificate or the elevator with the certificate but the inspection validity period is unsafe. If the user finds such an elevator, he should report it in time.

In view of this case, the accident that could have been avoided, the maintenance worker Liu found that there was a potential safety hazard in the elevator brake, but the hidden danger could not be eradicated in time, which directly led to the tragedy. As the saying goes, "Rome was not built in a day", and the death of the elevator did not happen suddenly, but the existence of minor faults or minor problems or minor hidden dangers accumulated into major hidden dangers for a long time. If they are not repaired thoroughly in time and effectively, the result will eventually lead to disaster and death.

While we deplore, we cannot but cause deep reflection from elevator practitioners and relevant managers, and strengthen the importance of elevator safety management. The so-called safety management is not a "fake big empty". How to transform the management concept into the actual execution of the operators is the most important thing. For example, it has been repeatedly emphasized that passengers should strengthen their learning and understanding of the basic safety knowledge of the elevator, otherwise minor elevator failures can be fatal, such as understanding that the emergency stop device should be pressed in an emergency when riding the escalator, but where is the emergency stop device in the elevator? This is the basic safety knowledge that passengers need to understand subjectively and attentively.

In a word, strengthen the daily maintenance and inspection system of the elevator, find hidden dangers in time and eliminate them, especially for some parts and physical parameters that will change dynamically during the operation of the elevator.

The braking device is the most important safety device for the safe operation of the elevator. An elevator without brakes or insufficient braking force is just like a runaway horse or a car without brakes. How horrible it is! It's just very scary to think about it.

Also need to remind is: should wait for the elevator door to open in place, fast in and out of the car. It can be seen how important it is for passengers to master the necessary basic safety knowledge by ladder!


case review]

On March 23, 2015, the elevator of the 7-day hotel chain at No. 32 Yingkou Road fell from the 6th floor, resulting in the death of an old man and a young child in the elevator, which aroused concern from all walks of life.


The court found out that at noon the day before the incident, the 7-day hotel elevator smelled scorching, and Lin mou, the business manager of Qingdao * * elevator co., ltd., the maintenance unitViolation of "double certificate operation", send maintenance man Liu to repair alone.

introducing the case, tian huaian, vice president of the criminal division of the city north court, said: "in accordance with the requirements of the safety regulations,Maintenance must have both electrical maintenance permit (T2) and elevator maintenance permit (T1), Liu is only elevator machinery maintenance operators card (T1)。” 

Liu Wei Pair BrakeMade a simple adjustment, the elevator returned to normal operation, for this maintenance, Liu andNo recording. Tian Huaian said: "Liu found an elevatorThe liner is worn out at excessive speed and should be replaced according to regulations. He did not replace it.The accident happened at 11: 00 a.m. on March 23."

The accident caused the death of 72-year-old Wu, a tourist from Sichuan, and his 3-year-old granddaughter Zhou. After technical appraisal, the severely worn brake shoe lining is the cause of the elevator falling. During the trial, the defender proposed that because the young girl Zhou had broken away from guardianship and entered the elevator when the door was not fully opened, the injured party was also at fault. The court did not accept this.

"The accident is also the cause of the elevator itself. Of course, it is dangerous to force the elevator, but it does not constitute a fault in the sense of criminal law." Tian Huaian said.

Source: Elevator Standards and Inspection

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