The elevator was installed in the residential area, and only one pit was dug in 2.5 years! The reason is......



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The elevator was installed in the residential area, and only one pit was dug in 2.5 years! The reason is......

In 2020, the owner of Building F, Jinjing Garden, Xiushan Garden, Nanning, signed a contract with an elevator engineering company to install an elevator,The total contract price is 550000 yuan, and 485000 yuan has been paid.. But because of contract disputes, until now, construction has stalled and only one pit has been dug.

Missed 200000 Yuan Plus Ladder Subsidy

On January 28, the reporter saw in Xiushan Garden that many buildings in this 20-year-old community had been equipped with elevators. However, there is only one enclosure surrounding the elevator foundation pit where the elevator is planned to be installed in Building F of Jinjingyuan.

Mr. Xie, the owner of Building F, introduced that they signed two contracts with the company in August 2020, one for the "Purchase Contract for the Installation of Elevator Equipment for Existing Residential Buildings" at a purchase price of 400000 yuan, and the other for the "Contract for the Installation of Elevators for Existing Residential Buildings" at a cost of 150000 yuan. After signing the contract, the owner paid 485000 yuan to Meiao Company in two installments. But now, other neighbors in the community who started later than them have used elevators.

During the interview, many departments expressed deep regret about this matter. Relevant departments have introduced ladder subsidies,Multi-level financial subsidies can accumulate up to 200000 yuan, and the policy will last until December 31, 2022.The owner of the building missed the subsidy because he failed to obtain the use registration certificate by the end of 2022.

▲ Elevator Foundation Pit of Building F, Jinjing Garden, Xiushan Garden. Photo by Li Jianqin, client reporter of Nanguo Morning Post

Both parties claim that the other party is responsible.

A large sum of money has been paid, why the construction has not been carried out as scheduled? In this regard, the owner's representative and the company believe that the problem lies with each other.

Mr. Xie believes that the company is not professional enough, has no foresight of possible construction problems, and fails to provide substantive solutions when problems arise. Therefore, in the construction of the foundation pit and the building foundation pit mutual intrusion, water, sewage pipe migration and other issues, there is a wrangling. In addition, Meiao Company failed to provide the qualification certificate related to the ladder.

Ms. Bu, the general manager of the company, said that before the 485000 yuan was in place, they repeatedly collected for up to 4 months, which delayed the time. After encountering problems, the owner did not assume corresponding responsibilities in terms of handling and cost sharing. Now that the contract has expired, the price of raw materials and labor has increased, and it is no longer possible to add ladders at the price agreed in the original contract. "Exclude the treatment cost of the foundation pit, the owner expects to add another 150000 yuan". In the face of qualification questions, Ms. Bu said that the existing successful works are good proof.

Suggest to take legal means to solve

In November 2022, the coordination of the Qingxiu District Jiatan Office failed, suggesting that both parties take legal means to resolve the matter. On January 30 this year, the relevant person in charge of the Qingxiu District Ladder Office told reporters that the elevator procedures involved have been completed and are now stuck mainly due to contract disputes.

The relevant person in charge of the Nanning Elevator Industry Association reminded that the disputes arising from the installation of elevators are mainly concentrated in the following aspects:

One is the payment method, which is commonly used in the industry to pay according to the progress of the project, so that even if there is a dispute, it can stop loss in time;

The second is the problem of underground foundation pit, which is generally not included in the contract. If the elevator installer needs to bear it, it needs to communicate in advance and write it into the contract;

The third is the problem of construction period. Due to the rise in raw material prices, corporate profits have been thinned, and some bad companies will delay the construction period. Owners must take precautions.

Source: Nanguo Morning Post, Elevator Standards and Inspection

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